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Whenever a text is published somewhere on the internet, [in most cases] someone earns money and it is a whole lot of cash! As a copywriter, you have countless possibilities like to compose, rewrite, translate, and correct-texts as a part-time job or do this as your main occupation. In this article, we present to you several ways in which you can make money as an online copywriter.

Copywriter or journalist?
Business models
Pay Per word
Payment per hour
Lump sum payment
Indirect revenue
Other sources of income
Main occupation or a part time job?
Self-employed or hired?
SEO Texts
Product Descriptions
Meta data/text for websites
Logo and Slogans

Copywriter or a journalist?
Anyone who writes for the internet can be doing a lot of different things like a simple writing job, poetry, reviewer, journalist, blogger, author, copywriter, translator, editor, post-editor, and much more.

The transitions are often fluent and often you can assign more than one category to someone who earns money with producing content online. The most important question that determines what you do online is what you want to achieve from this online job? Are you just trying to earn little extra money, do you want to become a writer, or you are searching for content writing work just to pass the time?
There is a suitable range of jobs for every need.

Business models
The possibilities to make money on the internet as copywriters are as different as the requirements and remuneration models. It is almost impossible to keep track of this, because often the costs are in no way the expense or the benefit of an order.

Pay Per word
The term payment-per-word is quite popular. Whoever writes long text/articles gets more money for it than the one who sums up his findings in a few words.
It may take much longer to find a concise formulation than just to talk around the bush for so long, until you accidentally tap into it. Those who need to research for a long time or file in their choice of words should be rewarded accordingly.

Payment per hour
There should be a certain degree of trust established between the writer and online employer for the payment per hour system to work, because the employer cannot sit in next to the copywriter in order to check whether he actually needs all the time as indicated for writing the given text.
How much money you ask to be paid per hour is a matter of experience and negotiation.

Lump sum payment
In order to spare customers the calculation and to provide an easy payment system, many copywriters offer a flat rate for standard tasks such as writing text for a homepage of a website. This rate/sum is for the complete which may include searching/researching the topic, writing the text, and any rectification that is needed.

To be able to determine the right price, you should have a little experience with how much effort you actually have to put in with something. There are often particularly difficult cases/jobs that take longer to complete. You learn all these things by gaining experience.

Indirect revenue
A popular business model on internet is to earn advertising revenue. The simplest way to do this is to put some text on a website and then put some ads on this page.
The Advertiser will pay you a small amount of money if it has been viewed or clicked. The more people referred to your website from search engines like Google and other source, the greater the chance that someone will click on the advertisement and hence the more money you will make. More traffic will increase your advertising revenue.
The same principle applies to members of YouTube. You can add your videos and if they receive enough views, you can earn money using Google Ad Program.

Other sources of income
In addition to direct and indirect payment, there are also a few other possibilities, but they only play a subordinate role from the crowd.
For example, as a copywriter or translator, you can get offers to participate in profits made by a website or an e-book. There is also the possibility that someone will approach you in order to acquire certain rights of use, but this is the exception.

Main occupation or a part-time job?
If you want to work as a copywriter to earn money online, you can easily extend or restrict the scope of your activity in legal terms. Unlike doctors, lawyers, and other professional groups, copywriting is among the few free professions that don’t have much boundaries or restrictions.
You do not need any special training or certification to be able to call yourself a copywriter, author, writer, or similar. Insurance is also provided.
If you do not want to insure yourself, you can apply to be insured through the artists Social Fund. This also applies to copywriters who do not see themselves as artists.

Self-employed or hired?
In most cases, the question arises whether you want to work on your own account or in an employee relationship as a copywriter. However, at least at the beginning of your online career/activities and in regular intervals, you should ask yourself what is more important to you and what can bring more benefits in the foreseeable future.
Keep an eye on job vacancies and job ads to get a sense of the value you have as a copywriter on the market and where you can make the most money with your online text producing skills.

On the internet, the most diverse texts are in demand, which are sometimes not visible to users [Content is often showed only to registered or paid users.] However, they must be available for search engines to know what a website is about.

Online text work in the same way as in the print media. A copywriter should know the different types of online texts are and should be able to produce them when demanded.

SEO Text
Search engine Optimization (SEO) is a keyword used to describe the practice that designates to set up online pages so that they end up as far as possible on top of search engine [like Google, Bing, etc.] results pages.
What is needed to do this job is no less than a science in itself, because the criteria/algorithm of search engines are changing all-the-time. In addition, a variety of factors play a role that one cannot influence at all, luck also plays a role here.
With good content that contain the right search terms/keywords and does its job properly by providing the information to readers, you can make a lot of money in this field.

Product reviews/description
SEO optimized text is especially needed by those who operate internet shops/stores. Those who offer hundreds of products on their website often get product descriptions supplied by the manufacturer. However, these descriptions are often limited to the technical details and do not necessarily encourage anyone in buying them. In addition, a whole range of other shops/traders use the same texts. This can create a duplicate content issue for their website. To stand out from competitors, they need unique product descriptions.
A copywriter has to make sure that the information/description about the product appeals to the search engines as well as to potential buyers.

Meta text
Meta data or text are small pieces of content that do not belong or appear on the actual Web page; they are not visible to the normal site visitor. These include the short descriptions that appear on results pages of search engines, image descriptions, and other information for the automatic evaluation of the page.

By eliminating paper as a carrier material, e-books have become the first choice of medium for writers to publish their work. eBooks can be any length or short. Some of the well-known host/providers of e-books have none to very little hurdles users who want to publish something; you can publish an eBook on a specific topic in a timely manner.
You will generate income/revenue and have the opportunity to expand your book at any time, change it, or take it off-line.
But in order to make money from this opportunity, you have to find a way to promote your work online.
eBooks are particularly successful if written on a topic that is relevant to a lot of people.
There are also special platforms, where master theses, scientific materials, and similar content/text is offered for purchase.

On internet, the attention span is very low. Those who do not manage to draw the attention of potential customers in a short amount of time, usually do not get a second chance.
Therefore, copywriters who can formulate something in such a way that it is short and convincing are very much in demand. There are various means of expression in the advertising industry.
These include slogans that convey the core message of a company; headlines and short texts in ads also do the same thing.

Online clients for content
As there is so much need for text online, there are several portals that help copywriters meet clients and vice versa. Some of them have specialized in text creation while others offer all the different kinds of writing services.
Here are some of these portals.
UpWork [The leading online platform for online jobs gives its customers plenty of options]

The price starts for beginner copywriter at 1 cent per word and rises to 10 or even more cents for professional content with appealing nature. For some writing jobs like rewriting articles, you can make 0.1 cents to 4 cents per word.

At UpWork, authors do not have to worry about taking payments from customers and other similar issue; they can start immediately with writing the content/text. As with other content brokers, the writers are rated with stars and paid accordingly. The payment spectrum ranges from 1 to 15 cents per word. UpWork will ensure that you get your payment after you deliver the work.

Some sites give bonuses/presents. One site is promising a Christmas allowance for all copywriters who have the best ratings in the month of November.
If you want to make a significant amount of money [around $5000 per month,] then you will need to upgrade to a new level where you can deliver more articles with the same [good] quality content. An average writer can manage to deliver 3 to 10 articles per day. In the case of positive customer evaluations/ratings, you can expect more work coming your way. Online employers prefer to outsource their jobs to writes who have high ratings.

At Contentworld, no projects are created. It only has finished text/articles. Authors can offer their articles for exclusive use or sell them several times. As a buyer, you will receive a preview of the text as well as length and topic information. You can also find out which articles the copywriter has written previously.

Here, you can sell text that is suitable for a second use or something that cannot be accommodated anywhere else. In order to make money with online content, this site is less suitable, because you get only a fraction of a cent per word.

Some broker sites have multiple levels of membership for copywriters and their text, which determine how much they earn for their work. For instance, in the first level/stage, you might start at 1 cent per word and can get a maximum of 10 cents in the highest level.
You can usually either sell finished text/articles or accept an order/project. Orders are better remunerated than already written/finished text. Your earnings will be paid to you via PayPal, Skrill, or any other payment processor that you might choose.

If you want to sell your writing services or find a client, you should carefully compare what is offered on each online platform. Those who master one or more foreign languages will also find translation jobs to do.

A field of activity that belongs to the context of online writing, even if strictly speaking, is not directly related to it, is the Ghostwriting. As a ghostwriter, you will be committed to writing for someone else who will then publish the text under his or her own name.
Ghostwriters must commit themselves to absolute silence about writing content for others and this is for a good reason.

The calculation of minimum rate-per-article gives you the opportunity to see how much you need to write in order to get a reasonably appealing salary. At a rate of 1 cent and if you are looking to make 8 dollars per article, you will need to write 800 words. You can usually write such an article within an hour; however, the effort and work you have to put in depends on what the customer needs are and how much research is required to write a good article.

The content author or copywriter writes content for different target groups and providers. For this reason, you can become an indispensable and at the same time, a respected employee of advertising, PR, communication design, or a media agency. The practice of hiring content authors is tried by many online publishers and newspapers. Online writers are also increasingly being hired by advertising departments of large companies. These are often well-paid full-time jobs!

Tasks and requirements for a content author/copywriter
The main task of a copywriter is writing text. First, you will have a conversation with the customer to learn exactly what type of text he or she wants, what information to include, and how long it should take [the dead time for the project.] According to the requirements, you may have to write multiple [small] sample articles so that they can be presented to the customer during further discussion. Thus, the customer can make a selection. Nowadays this communication often takes place online, which helps save a considerable amount of time for all parties involved.

Working as a content author requires creativity and fluency. Here, good/proper use of grammar and the correct spelling is a must. The copywriter should work quickly and effectively. Sometimes, you are required to do a job within hours, these are short term projects and they usually pay more money. A good online profile with good ratings and if you have foreign language skills, these are the advantageous that can help you make more money than average writers.

Content Authors/copywriters work mainly on desktop computers. The workplace is located either in the office premises of the company or at home. This requires a basic knowledge of the writing programs. Due to this being the most sedentary work, tension can occur in back and neck areas. Therefore, it is advisable to make regular breaks and to move around a bit. The workplace should be ergonomically designed to prevent further physical discomfort.

Working hours are different. Depending on the number of work orders, the job can be done on weekends or in the evenings.

Access and earning opportunities
You can work as a copywriter both as a main or a part-time-job. In case you are doing this as a professional activity, study in communication and language is usually required. But this is not necessary especially if you have good command over language and can write memorable and quality text. If the conditions are right and with some luck, you can take a foothold in this industry. This off course hugely depends on how many jobs/orders you are getting and whether you are doing this as a part time or full time job.
Your ratings reflect how happy your customers are, so you should always try to satisfy the needs of every customer.
Some content authors/copywriters are permanent employees, but some prefer to work as freelance writers. They are paid according to length of the content and the level of difficulty of the topic.

The profession as a copywriter is a diverse and fascinating. All creative copywriters who know how to handle language and commas are welcome to try their luck in this field.