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There are a lot of pet owners who care about their pets; many have a personal and a close bond with them. With an individual type of animal care, money can be earned not only during holiday periods, but all year round.

Individual Animal Care; a tailor made service
As an animal caretaker, you always work when the owner cannot take care of his [or her] beloved animals. On the one side, this may be the case during a holiday, but also when there are some important personal matters, such as a hospital stay, a business trip, or something similar. Depending on which animals need to be cared for, they can stay in their usual environment and be cared for, or you can take care of the pets at your home if this is what the owner requires.

In this way, you can negotiate individual care plans to provide the customer with the best possible service for his or pet(s.) However, it is important that you abide by the owner’s wishes and instructions, because this is the only way to ensure that the animal will be well taken care of which will then make the owner happy; if they are happy, then you can expect to get a recommendation which is help you get more customers. The animal care can take a few hours or it can last for a few days or even weeks.

These skills should be brought to an animal care manager
In addition to the love of animals, as an animal caretaker, you should also have some basic knowledge of the different health and behavior issues related to animals. You should be able to connect with them and should also be able to recognize health changes. It is also important that you are familiar with the healthy nutrition for animals, and that you can provide and nurture their needs accordingly.

Many animals suffer greatly from the separation from the owner and therefore require a very careful treatment. You need to be able to adjust/connect with the animals, and should treat them with a lot of care; as if they were your own pets. Of course, it is important that you also enjoy working with dogs, cats, and other animals, because only then can you do the job successfully and satisfy your customers.

Making money
During the summer months and during the holiday season it is easy to find a job as an animal caretaker. You can use the various portals on the internet, or look through the classified ads. Do not decide too fast, think carefully about what you are required to do.

You can take your own pet with you if you believe this would be beneficial. Discuss everything openly and in detail with the pet owner. Ask for specific tasks and his wishes, and explain everything important. If you work only in the short term, i.e. one or two days, then make sure that the pet owner knows this.

You can also offer special services like, a special weekend package, or offer long-term plans where you agree to do a job for several weeks. The pet owner will compensate you for this time and will also provide you with the food and other things that you and the pet needs. All this is recorded in writing.

At the same time, you will receive important information for the animal, such as the contact information of the veterinarian. In case of an emergency, you can contact the animal owner and the veterinarian so that the pet can get help I time.

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