An architect’s job is to create & execute plans on how to create homes, offices and other commercial buildings, factories, and many other structures. Architect’s first objective is to understand what the client needs are. They do that by meeting with them and by listening to what they want to build. After understanding what client’s requirements are, the next step for the architect is to provide a rough estimate of overall project cost. They also need to provide an estimate time in which the building construction will finish. These are just the initial steps; the real work begins once the client approves the plans.

What comes next is a period of extensive drawing and documenting work. Depending you which job you are doing, you might end up doing all the work yourself or you will work along a team of architects. You and your team will need to design the structure, and make all the drawings and documentation. An architect is responsible for providing all the material needed to start construction of a building. His work isn’t completed until workers complete the construction work.

An architect’s job is not just providing building plans and contracts, he also has to manage construction crews and oversee construction site to make sure that the construction work adheres with the construction plans.

If you look around, you can see a variety of buildings. Restaurants, Museums, Sports-Stadiums, Housing-Schemes, Mega-Malls, Hospitals, schools and colleges, etc. all these buildings were first designed in offices on paper and/or computers by architects.

Not all architectural jobs are massive; some jobs may require you to design just one small house and in some cases, just one small room! On the other hand, you might end up being part of the team that will design and oversee the constructions of stadiums in Brazil for Olympics 2016.

Architects usually spend their time in offices. This is because their main goal is producing drawings, scaled models, diagrams, documentation, etc. To accomplish these tasks, architects work in their offices. They often have to work overtime in order to meet deadlines.

They also travel to worksites to oversee construction.

Architects who are self-employed usually have relaxed work schedule.

Becoming an architect isn’t easy! The first thing you need is a bachelor’s degree in architecture. Some people also earn a master’s degree in architecture; this puts them ahead of many other candidates when they are job hunting. After education, you need to gain experience via internship. The final step is to pass the Architect Registration Examination.

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The number of jobs in this sector is projected to grow by seven percent during the period 2014-2024. The job-outlook is looking good. Commercial and private sector both need architects for construction work. People will continue to build shops, homes, industries, etc. and they need architects to do that.

Architects income is on average higher than many other occupations. It is one of the highest paying jobs. The median annual wage is around $76,000. The median annual wage for the lowest paying architect jobs is around $46,100; this income is more than the median annual wage for all occupations, which right now stands at $36,200.

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