(Last Updated On: 13/03/2017)

What Can I Do With a Major in Business?

In college, business majors learn many things that directly translate into valuable skills in the workplace. Their education is normally very well-rounded, and includes subjects like finance, accounting, marketing, ethics, and economics. Each one of these subjects has real world applications, and provides students with a solid business background that they can use throughout their careers.

More than 80% of people who earn an undergraduate degree in business end up working in an occupation that is very closely related to their field of study. Many graduates go on to work as managers, accountants, auditors, executives, and salesmen.

Business majors earn a median salary of $59,000 per year, which is about 8% higher than the median salary of all college graduates combined. New college graduates can expect to earn significantly less than that, however. The median salary for business majors between the ages of 25 and 29 is $40,000.

The unemployment rate for graduates with a degree in business is 5.8%, which is significantly lower than the nationwide unemployment rate. If you want to earn a degree that has many real world applications, then majoring in business could be a great choice for you.

Careers for Business Majors

Below is a list of common career choices for business majors. This is not intended to be a comprehensive list, as people with a degree in business do so many unique and interesting things that it would be impossible to list them all. However, the list should give you a good idea of the types of opportunities you could expect to find with a business degree.

Occupation Median Salary Median Hourly Current jobs Outlook Required Education
Accountant $61,690 $29.66 1,290,640 Good Bachelor’s degree
Actuary $87,650 $42.14 19,730 Good Bachelor’s degree
Advertising Manager $83,890 $40.33 44,640 Normal Bachelor’s degree
Advertising Sales Agent $45,350 $21.80 166,830 Normal Bachelor’s degree
Auditor $61,690 $29.66 1,290,640 Good Bachelor’s degree
Bill Collector $31,310 $15.05 401,700 Good High School Diploma
Brokerage Clerk $33,840 $16.27 67,610 Normal Bachelor’s degree
Budget Analyst $68,200 $32.76 67,210 Normal Bachelor’s degree
Claims Examiner $58,620 $28.18 294,620 Normal Bachelor’s degree
College Professor $62,050 $29.83 1,756,000 Good Graduate Degree
Cost Estimator $57,860 $27.82 217,760 Good Bachelor’s degree
Elementary School Teacher $51,660 $24.84 1,549,520 Good Bachelor’s Degree
Financial Analyst $74,350 $35.75 250,630 Good Bachelor’s Degree
Financial Examiner $74,940 $36.03 27,020 Good Bachelor’s Degree
Financial Manager $103,910 $49.96 539,250 Good Bachelor’s Degree
High School Teacher $53,230 $25.59 1,109,500 Good Bachelor’s Degree
Insurance Sales Agent $46,770 $22.49 434,770 Good Bachelor’s degree
Insurance Underwriter $60,670 $29.17 102,950 Normal Bachelor’s degree
Kindergarten Teacher $48,800 $23.46 179,520 Normal Bachelor’s Degree
Loan Officer $60,660 $29.16 327,840 Normal Master’s Degree
Logistician $70,800 $34.04 100,380 Good Bachelor’s degree
Management Analyst $78,160 $37.58 746,860 Good Bachelor’s degree
Market Research Analyst $60,660 $29.16 249,810 Good Bachelor’s degree
Middle School Teacher $51,960 $24.98 659,460 Good Bachelor’s Degree
Personal Financial Advisor $64,750 $31.13 208,420 Good Bachelor’s Degree
Purchasing Manager $64,750 $31.13 70,350 Normal Bachelor’s Degree
Real Estate Agent $40,030 $19.25 394,420 Good Bachelor’s degree
Real Estate Appraiser $48,500 $23.32 92,360 Normal Bachelor’s Degree
Real Estate Broker $54,910 $26.40 123,390 Normal Bachelor’s degree
Sales Manager $98,350 $47.28 346,860 Good Bachelor’s degree
Survey Researcher $73,720 $35.44 19,600 Good Graduate Degree