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You are looking for the best sportsbook provider?
We have thoroughly tested and rated all major providers of online sports betting for you. Our reviews and experiences provide valuable help in choosing the best bookmaker for your personal online bets!

Bet365 is the top bookmaker in our betting comparison. A solid betting site with a huge selection of live bets characterize Bet365, also the betting odds are in our comparison in the top of the list!

Interwetten is one of the best betting sites on internet! Fastest payouts and perfect customer service put Interwetten in second place in our sports betting comparison!

Tipico convinced us to put it in comparison of the best betting sites with its large selection of football bets, excellent odds, and an easy to use website!

Netbet offers online betting and holds a considerable share size in the betting market. With good odds and customer service, Netbet barely missed the top 3 in the ranking of the best betting sites.

Betsafe is the newcomer of the year in our big sports betting review/comparison! High quality betting offers, very good betting odds, and a great bonus offers bring Betsafe into the Top 5!

Betway – With a convincing overall performance and a visually appealing and easy-to-use betting site, this newcomer leap to # 6 in our sports betting comparison!

Bet3000 – Tradition is very important for the German bookmaker Bet3000; for over three decades, this bookmaker has been active in the betting business. In our online betting comparison, Bet3000 easily made it place in the top 10!

ComeOn is one of the younger providers with its founding year in 2010, but is already enjoying great popularity in the betting industry with its dynamic presence in all important areas.

Bet-at-home – Since the beginning of millennium, Bet-at-home is accepting bets online. The bet market of this bookmaker, founded in Austria, impresses with its extensive and varied betting offer.

We recommend that you take a look at the detailed reviews and experiences before deciding on a specific betting site. All providers on this page have a high degree of security and seriousness! We only test those betting companies that have long-term experience and an excellent reputation in the betting industry. New betting companies have to prove themselves in the market for a while before they are even considered by our testing editors.

With our proven testing process, we’re testing every vendor in the top ten categories that govern betting on the web. The results obtained from the individual test areas are added together and at the end is the overall result for the respective test candidate and the associated ranking of the best betting sites.

The following 10 factors/categories are individually and independently considered by us in every test:
1. Betting odds
2. Betting offer
3. Live bets
4. Customer Service
5. Betting account deposits
6. Betting account payouts
7. Website ease of use
8. Website loading time
9. New customer bonus
10. Security and seriousness

With this transparent approach, we provide the basis for a meaningful comparison/review of the best sports betting providers currently available on the market! Some testing areas are very extensive and cannot be fully and comprehensively covered in a single review/test. For example, we have tested the betting offers also with regard to the individual sports and have created our own reports for football betting, tennis betting, etc.

Information about betting sites comparison
In the following section, we cover all questions that can arise around any big sports betting review. Here you can find out how our test and testimonials have come about, how the results are to be interpreted, and how you can best use our information.

1.) Which sportsbook provider suits me best?
In order to answer this question, you should define in advance which search criteria are important for you. Are you looking for the best betting odds, is an attractive welcome bonus important to you, does the bookmaker need to have many different types of deposit options, or are quick withdrawals essential?

The more precisely you can define your respective wishes, the best you will find the betting provider that is exactly tailored to your needs and will take no risks when choosing the provider of online sports betting.

2.) How can this page help you in choosing the best sports betting site?
We have aligned our testing process to the different preferences of the numerous betting enthusiasts and offer systematic assistance in the search for the best online sports betting provider.
With us, the individual sports betting sites are not simply rated and placed in a ranking, but the entire test process is broken down into numerous individual steps and is thus completely transparent.

Our test editors are experts in the field of online betting, each editor has many years of experience in the sports betting business. Some of our writers have previously worked in various areas and positions with various sports betting providers and therefore have accumulated insider knowledge from the betting industry.

3.) References
Since 2014, we have been reporting on the betting business and regularly put the numerous market participants through their paces. Due to the quality, transparency and associated objectivity of our detailed test reports, we are often regarded as a kind of reference on the subject of sports betting.

Often we are contacted by various media, asked for our opinions and assessments, cited, commented, and possibly linked as a source for interesting news and contributions from the betting area.
Even the betting companies themselves have our pages always on the radar in order to assess their own performance in the individual reviews to compare it to the competition and to be able to make improvements and optimizations to their betting portals.

If you also have questions about any topic from the exciting world of betting, need specific information on any sports betting provider, or just want to give feedback or suggestions to our sites, you can always contact us by email!

4.) How exactly does the testing of the individual betting sites work?
Not all betting providers are tested by us, before our editorial team begins with a detailed testing of an online betting site, the relevant candidate is first checked for generally important data and facts.
In doing so, we take a closer look at the history of the company and the people involved as well as the financial background and licenses of the betting companies.

This preselection has great advantage; all sportsbook providers on our site are guaranteed safe, reputable, and trustworthy; in this respect no concerns need to rise!
As soon as a bookmaker fulfills the strict acceptance criteria in terms of security, trust, and reliability, we start with the standardized test procedure.
Now, the test candidate will be put through its paces in the 10 most important areas we’ve identified, which make up a good sportsbook provider.

The findings and experiences gained during the detailed test are then documented in the respective review/report and a corresponding review score is given. The rating of the online sports betting site is given in percent, so for a perfect performance of the providers in any given test area therefore would be a rating of 100%.
However, the best mark of 100% is barely achievable in our rigorous testing process, and every slight weakness of a betting site is punished with a corresponding deduction.

To give the test results a descriptive assessment, we have clarified the percentage rating of the bookmakers as follows:
Score: Rating:
94.9% to 100% excellent
89.9% to 94.8% excellent
84.9% to 89.8% very good
79.9% to 84.8% good
74.9% to 79.8% averagely good
64.9% to 74.8% average
59.9% to 64.8% averagely weak
below 59.9% is poor

Important: In order to produce objective test results, each sportsbook provider is tested by several different editors from our testing group. The ten individual test areas in the sports betting comparison are therefore not processed by the same editor from our team in order to more or less exclude the risk of a subjective evaluation in the whole.

5.) How meaningful is the overall ranking?
At the end of the testing of our specialist editors, the ratings from the individual results are added together and thus the overall rating for the respective provider is created.
The bookmakers at the top can therefore be described as the best sportsbook providers, after all, they have the most strengths in the individual test categories and, conversely, the fewest weaknesses that would depress the overall result.

Finally, it may well be the case that individual strengths or weaknesses of the test candidates for the individual betting site are not as relevant as the objective test should actually convey.
To find the best betting portals for your own betting needs and individual preferences, it is therefore advisable to take a closer look at the individual rankings and ratings in the big sports betting comparison!

6.) The test winners in the individual categories
The following list shows the best betting providers in the ten individual test areas:

Best Betting Odds – Bet3000 – 93%
Best bet offer – Bwin – 97%
Best Live Bet – Bet365 – 99%
Customer Service & Support – Interwetten – 98%
Best Betting Bonus – Tipico – 89%
Best Online Betting Site – Interwetten – 93%
Betting account deposits – Sportingbet – 95%
Betting account Payments – Tipico – 94%

Note: The above test results have come about sometimes with very close competition, often only a single percentage point between the winner and the runner-up in the ranking.

7.) How up to date are the reviews?
Our test editors are constantly working on updating and expanding the content – in the dynamic betting industry, a review can be outdated after a short time, the technical progress in the betting business is sometimes very fast.
Basically, you can therefore assume that all pages on our web portal are up to the current state of things. Therefore, the ratings are constantly changing, which can also have a big impact on the overall ranking-list.
Even a newly admitted candidate can twirl the comparison of the best betting sides neatly and shift the placements. Since we only allow good, trustworthy, and reputable betting sites for the test procedure, the top seats are by no means secured for a long term.

General information
The following questions deal with the basics of our field. Here, betting beginners learn important basic information and interesting basic facts from the betting industry.

The selection of the topics covered in this section depends on their relevance to our readers, and we are happy to incorporate the corresponding feedback from our readers into the planning of our content.

8.) What are sports bets, who offer sports bets?
Sports betting is by definition betting on the outcome of sporting events. There are basically three types:
a. Pool or totalizer bets
b. Betting at the bookmaker at fixed odds
c. Betting against each other at the betting exchange

In the pool bets, all participants enter their bets into a common pot (pool,) the collected bets are then divided among all winners. The most common examples of this type of sports betting are totalizator bets on the racecourse or the good old football tote.
Betting at the bookmaker are characterized first and foremost by the fact that at predetermined odds is betting and therefore – in contrast, at the betting start you have the clarity on the amount of the possible payout on the bet slip. This type of bet is also called an odds bet in some countries.
As totalizer bets become less important, the boom in betting exchanges like Betfair has only just begun.

While betting against a licensed bookmaker, there is no clear distinction between bet acceptor and betting customer at a betting exchange. Every competitor can place bets as well as accept bets. The customers of a betting exchange bet can practically bet against each other at previously agreed quotas.

9.) Who is allowed to participate in sports bets?
In most countries, regardless of whether the bets are offered in a bookmaker’s shop or on the internet, anyone over the age of 18 is allowed to participate. Minors will not be allowed to enter a betting shop and will not be allowed to place bets online.
To ensure that the provider can also observe and control the protection of minors on internet, when registering a betting account, you must provide some important personal data that are generally verified by the betting company as well. For this reason, it may also be necessary to provide proof of identity (e.g., fax or scan of an identity card.)

The sports betting providers are subject to, by the licensing authority sometimes, strict requirements, so if the customer is asked for a passport, this should not be seen as a bad thing. On the contrary, this shows that the betting operator works seriously and adheres to the legal requirements for player protection!

10.) How safe and reputable are online sports bets?
The online betting industry has developed enormously in the last 20 years. In the mid-1990s, there were still some more or less dubious betting companies. But now, the online betting business has become a big and important industry.

Today, the largest betting companies have physical structures with thousands of employees in several locations, some of them listed on the stock exchanges as well; each of these sites is serving several million betting customers from all over the world with an ever-growing number of different betting products/offers.

Therefore, today nobody would seriously call the betting industry as frivolous or unsafe. Of course, as in all other industries, it can happen here and there that a company does not work as cleanly and correctly as the vast majority of its competitors. These “black sheep” have no chance of surviving in this highly developed betting market and they disappear sooner rather than later because no well-informed customer will make a bet there.

Basically, one can say with conviction that a person who sticks to the well-known and big names in the sports betting business (all providers in the major sports betting test are among them,) has nothing to fear when it comes to trust.
This is also ensured by the various supervisory authorities, which set certain rules for the licensed providers and also monitor their compliance under threat of license withdrawal/cancellation.

If a sportsbook provider has been successful in the highly competitive betting market for many years, then you can assume that the company knows what it is doing and that customer satisfaction always comes first. Of course, conversely, this does not mean that relatively new entrants cannot be trustworthy.

11.) What should beginners pay particular attention to?
A formula for secure betting winnings probably does not exist, but a few important rules should be particularly important to beginners, so that the entry into the world of sports betting is not disappointing.

The following 5 tips should help beginners in the field of online betting:
Take enough time to choose the right betting provider
Do not decide to use the very first provider you find just because you have seen it in some advertisement. Compare the offers of the most popular companies, read the reviews on different betting portals and also look at comments in various betting forums as they can too be very helpful in decision-making.

Familiarize yourself with the most important types of bets and functions
The huge betting offers of modern betting portals can lead to the fact that you choose bet types whose rules are not very well known to a beginner. Find out in advance about the functioning and exact provisions of the respective forms of betting, most providers have for this purpose a separate help or FAQ section. Do not start with a complicated betting feature, but familiarize yourself with the basic bets first. Also, you should not immediately start betting on exotic sports that you hardly know about. A simple bet on a football game is certainly the better choice for newcomers to enter the world of sports betting.

Compare odds and select the best ones
In the long term, you can only be successful with sports bets if you choose the best odds available on the market for your favorite game. The betting odds are something like the house edge of the bookmaker, here lies the profit margin with which a betting company makes its profit. The better the chosen odds are from the perspective of the betting customer, the lower the advantage of the betting company and the higher the chance be successful.

Obtain information on different betting events
Before placing a bet on a team or athlete, you should obtain as much and, above all, up-to-date information on the relevant event/person. The aim should be to create an informational advantage over the bookmaker. This is basically possible because the bookmaker has to keep track of many thousands of betting events – you as a betting customer, however, can focus on a few events and obtain the best possible information.

Define and maintain a reasonable budget for sports betting
The most important tip or the basic rule for beginners is to create a personal budget for your sports betting. This budget should be chosen in a manner that you can easily cope with a loss. If the budget is used up, then take a break until a corresponding sum is available again. Do not try to catch up on lost capital through more and more wagers! Bets are meant to be fun in the first place, and that’s only possible if the loss of wagers is not a problem. Only bet the money that you can afford to lose!

12.) Who are the world’s largest sportsbook providers?
England is the motherland of sports betting, so it is hardly surprising that almost exclusively sports betting companies from UK appear in the list of the largest betting companies in the world.
Bwin is originally an Austrian company, as well as a small selection of Scandinavian competitors such as Unibet is preventing the total dominance of bookmakers from UK.

13.) What role do new providers play in the betting market?
Although the business of sports betting on Internet is still dominated by the long-established brands such as Tipico, Bet-at-home, and Interwetten, new sites are constantly coming to the market, which sometimes get more or less attention with their offers.

Some of them soon have to cancel their plans due to lack of success, but others manage to succeed and attract many new customers. The bookmaker XTip, for example, belongs to the second group and has managed to win a fixed place in the betting business after its online launch in 2014.

As one of the ‘young savages’ operators with a Maltese license to offer sports betting, with their sophisticated betting platform, are focusing on technological advantages and a wide-ranging betbook that has something to offer for all betting tastes.
The bookmaker Cashpoint, which was previously active in the stationary sector, provides all the necessary How-To articles.

15.) Which providers have a sports betting license in Europe?

16.) Which sports is most popular for betting?
In most European countries, football betting places by far the largest share of sports betting on internet. In every five bets, at least one is on a football game.
Other sports include tennis, handball, basketball, and in the cold season also quite worth mentioning is ice hockey.

The 5 Most Popular Sports in Online Betting (Order by Betting Sales):
Football Betting (about 81.5% of betting turnover)
Tennis bets (about 9.5% of betting turnover)
Hockey Betting (less than 4.2% of bets)
Handball bets (<2% of bets in the betting shops)
Basketball bets (below 0.8% of bookmaker turnover)

17.) Which are the best providers for football bets?
The top five football bookmakers are as follows:
Winner: Bet365 Score: 98%
2nd place: Tipico Score: 97%
3rd place: Interwetten Score: 95%
4th place betvictor Score: 94%
5th place William Hills Score: 93%

The 7 most popular types of bets on football bets (order of submitted bets):
Three-way bet (1/0/2) on the game outcome, is by far the most popular bet when it comes to football bets. In this type of bet you have to predict which team will win the game or if the match ends in a draw. The three-way bet can be placed both as a single bet and as part of a combination bet or system bet.

Handicap bets (outsiders with 1 or more goals), is the most popular special bet when it comes to football. Here, the bookmaker gives one side a fictitious lead of one or more goals, this lead is then added to the actual result at the end. This type is especially suitable for football matches, where there is a clear favorite with very low odds.

Goal bets (how many goals over/under), is as popular as handicap bets. This betting variant is about predicting the number of goals. The bookmaker sets a value (usually 2.5 goals in football matches,) and the betting customer can guess whether the number of goals will be above or below this value. So either 0 to 2 goals, or 3 or more goals in the game.

Result bets (exact match result,) the exact result in a game is not easy to predict due to the many possibilities of course; a good sum is rewarded in this betting variant for it has very high betting odds.

Double Chance Betting (two game ends in a bet) is also considered the sports bet for particularly risk-conscious betters. Three possible game results (1/0/2) are covered with this type of bet two options. The hit rate in such a bet is comparatively high, but the odds are correspondingly low.

Half time bets (score or number of goals at halftime break;) in half time bets, there are many different betting opportunities. Relevant betting reward is not based on the final score after 90 minutes, but the respective score at halftime break after 45 minutes.

Long-term bets (champions, relegated, promoted…)
These are very diverse betting offers, but the respective result is known only after weeks, months, or even years. Therefore, the betting turnover in long-term bets is also manageable, and the proportion of bookies’ total turnover is in the per thousand range. The only exception is in World Championships or European Championships; betting on the title winner enjoy very high popularity among betting enthusiasts.

17.) Should I open an account with more than one sportsbook provider?
That can be very useful! Each provider has its own special strengths in sports betting. In order to really benefit from all the advantages of the individual betting companies, it is necessary to keep a betting account at least with some of the top betting companies.
If you are looking for the best betting odds available, it is indispensable to have a certain selection of betting accounts available with different betting sites.

No bookmaker always has the best odds on all betting events, so you should always compare odds before placing your tips on a respective game.
Another reason for having a variety of betting accounts are the promotions, offers, and betting bonus benefits that each provider provides to its existing customers on a regular basis.
For the purpose of customer loyalty, there are ongoing offers such as a deposit bonus, a multi-bet bonus, or even cash-back bets. In order to be able to profit from these gifts of the bookmaker, a corresponding account is necessary.

18.) What advantages do online bets have over traditional betting agencies?
Not only the convenience makes a bet on internet much more attractive than a visit to a betting office, but you can enjoy closing your bet at any time comfortably from your PC, tablet, or even the mobile phone.
There are also some other good arguments for sports betting online compared to traditional betting:
On internet, you can compare odds of different providers at any time and place your bets at the best available betting odds.
The popular live bets require very quick decisions and are therefore only really useful when handled online.
When you book bets on internet, you are not bound to any office opening/closing hours and can make your bets around the clock at any time

Of course, the betting shop has its own advantages over online sports betting – here, in particular, the social factor should be noted. Anyone who enjoys hobby betting in a community will not be able to avoid visiting a betting shop.

19.) When did sports betting on internet start?
Online sports betting has been around for almost as long as internet itself! The betting industry was one of the first businesses to use the new medium of internet as a distribution channel in the 1990s.

Of the betting operators in this big sports betting comparison, Interwetten was the absolute online pioneer. The Austrian bookmaker started working on his website back in 1996, and by the beginning of 1997, the internet betting site of Interwetten went online and they waited eagerly for the first bet placed on the new distribution channel.
It did not take long until the first betting slip was issued on the internet, the person was happy to have internet access! 🙂

In the following table, we show when the betting portals found their way into internet:
Year: Website went online
1997: Interwetten, Bwin, Unibet
1998: Ladbrokes, Sportingbet, Betvictor
1999: Bet-at-home, Expekt
2001: NetBet
2002: Mybet, Betsson
2003: Digibet
2004: Tipico
2006: Betsafe
2009: Bet3000
After 2010: Mobilebet, BigBetWorld, ComeOn, Betworld, Kulbet, XTip

Note: The brand Bet3000 was officially launched in 2009, but the site was previously available under a different company name with the same owner.

20.) Why do you have to pay betting tax [in some countries]?
The providers of sports betting (online and offline) have to pay tax from the total betting turnover, no betting company can pass that without being punishable. Hundreds of millions of dollars of tax revenues thus migrate into the financial budget.

Of course, from a socio-political point of view, a very sensible tax arrangement and regulation is obviously not particularly pleasing to the individual betting fan on the other side, since betting tax are usually deducted from the vendor for each bet won.
Most betting companies have no choice but to pass on the tax burden to customers. The betting industry works due to the competitive situation with very low profit margins of less than 5%.

The best sports bookmakers pour out more than 95% of the betting turnover back to their customers. Thus, it would not be possible to pay an additional 5% of the bets as a bet tax, without losing every single bet.

22.) Are there betting sites where you can bet tax-free?
Yes, there are still a handful of sports betting providers who carry the tax burden out of their own pockets and offer tax-free online betting for their customers.

From the customer’s point of view, tax-free betting options are of course much more valuable than the best betting bonus on a deposit. It is well worth it for betting fans to take a closer look at the table that we have put together on this subject before placing their next bet.
The following table shows all betting portals where you can place online sports bets without having to pay a tax on either the bet or the potential betting profit:


The factor of tax-free bets must of course be taken into account in any sports betting comparison on the odds.
Some vendors are always concerned with the topic of taxation in special actions where e.g. a combination bet or system bet can be issued tax-exempt from a certain quota. This advantage should be clearly visible on the betting site.

23.) Why do you have to enter your personal data during account registration?
In order to be able to offer a legal bet, the sportsbook providers must have certain licenses. The requirements of the individual licensing authorities are sometimes very stringent here, a failure to comply with the regulations can lead in the worst case to a withdrawal of the license for the company concerned with incalculable consequences.

For reasons of consumer protection and financial transaction guidelines, it is absolutely necessary for the licensing authorities to ensure that the betting company clearly identifies the identity of the betting customers when setting up a betting account. Anonymous bets on the internet are therefore not possible.
If you are meeting a bookmaker where you can place bets without personal details, we strongly advise against it. No reputable provider would risk its license to offer anonymous sportsbooks!

In particular, when paying higher betting deposits, it may therefore be necessary in addition to the information of the personal data at the registration that the betting customer provides a proof of identity. This can usually be done by sending a scanned ID copy by email to the betting company.