(Last Updated On: 28/11/2017)

When it comes to earning money, creativity often has no limits. In the best case, this is achieved in conjunction with some additional benefits. This is exactly what happens in a very well-known tradition in USA, the event of a garage/flea sale; you can do this inside your own four walls. This simple event can increase your income if you do this the right way.

Advantages of the Garage/Flea markets
The fact that a sale, or a small market, in front of your own doorstep brings some advantages is obvious. When participating in a public flea market, there are usually no stand-by fees to be disregarded, which must be taken back until actual profit is made. All goods must be packed properly in order to transport them safely to the destination. For transport, in some cases no normal cars are sufficient; sometimes, you have to bring in an extra transporter. Goods that are not sold must then be returned to home. The garage sale, on the other hand, does not involve all these somewhat tedious steps. It is possible to protect your sale items easily and present them comfortably to the public without paying a penny for it and having high transport costs; all this is possible when you are doing it in front of your home.

Of course, there are some things to consider when carrying out a garage sale, so that it also becomes a successful event. Since this is not a public event, people first have to learn about the project. The easiest way to do this is through flyers. It should be easy to read the keyword garage sale in these flyers. An indication of the products increases the chance that collectors and specific buyers can also be found, which may also bring higher sum of money. A good description and telephone number are particularly important.
In the best case, a garage sale should take place on weekends and in good weather in order to attract as many customers as possible. The Flyers are best hung in supermarkets, at the bakery, or in kindergarten. Of course, these can also be distributed directly in the mailboxes of neighborhood. If the day of the garage sale has come, it is especially important to present the goods in a well manner. A large sign with the point on the garage sale location leads the interested parties faster to the destination and attracts possibly other people. In addition, it should be considered that price tags shouldn’t be affixed to the goods but rather negotiated individually.

Additional purchase of goods for the garage sale
Anyone who have fun and joy at hosting garage sales, but does not have enough goods to hold more, can look for new products in other garage sales, especially when it comes to household items. It is also worth trying your luck at your neighbor’s house; ask them if they have any junk they want to throw or sell.

Garage sales bring a lot of fun and easy to manage as you host them in front of your own home/apartment; in most cases, they help you make a decent additional income.