(Last Updated On: 07/11/2017)

Whether in addition to studying, after school, or during a parental leave, many people are looking to do part time work to earn some extra cash. For this, you have a whole world of options. There are always many side-jobs that are available near you; you just need to look for the right job in the right place. You can choose a job that suits you best. But which one is it? Which one is the most fun and where do you earn the most money? We have put together four popular part time jobs here in this article for you.

Earn money as a waiter even if you are studying
Whether in kitchen, behind counter, or working as a waiter, jobs is gastronomy are particularly sought after by students. This part-time job can mostly bring in approximately $450/month. Despite the high physical burden that the employees face, a lot of students prefer this job. Due to hours of standing, heavy wear and lifting, as well as noise pollution, this job can be very strenuous. And then there are difficult customers who can tug at the nerves of the gastronomy staff.

However, hardly any other job, one can divide the working hours as flexibly as in gastronomy. You can also make good contacts with many different people, which is a special incentive for many. In addition to the fixed wage, which is unfortunately not particularly high, waitresses and waiters often receive good tips [thus your daily earnings can vary quite a bit.]

Earn money as a babysitter – easy part-time job
If you like working with children, you can earn a little money by working as a babysitter. Every couple needs one evening or two to go out with friends or to have a dinner, that’s why the demand for good babysitters is always high.
To be able to take care of other people’s children, one must possess a high degree of responsibility and patience. Besides, you are less suited to the job if you are easily annoyed by children; for instance, in your own family or neighborhood.

Since parents entrust their greatest treasure to the babysitter, they must always be sure that their baby is in competent hands as long as they are not there. In order to be able to guarantee this, it is advisable to complete a babysitter course. This is often offered by most Colleges, the Red Cross, or other similar organizations.
The course is completed with a certificate that confirms participation and can be presented to parents as a reference.

Basically, anyone can work as a tutor who is [exceptionally] good in any field/area/topic and has a basic talent to convey his or her knowledge.
In order to teach students/kids, one must be aware of their own strengths and be able to use them purposefully.
However, little success will a tutor have if he/she is not patient.
Even students can take advantage of this opportunity by tutoring younger kids. By doing this, students can make extra money and improve their knowledge as well. Teaching pupils is often different. Here, tutors are faced with the challenge of teaching someone who might easily learn new things but does not necessarily want to do it. For these cases, strong nerves are a basic requirement.

If you want to earn money by dong part-time work, then this job is ideal; this is because it is not particularly time-consuming and you can negotiate a good pay per hour rate/plan. Of course, you will not find anyone who pays prices out of their reach, but this does usually provide a good hourly wage.
As tutors, you also benefit in other ways. If you do your job well, you will continue to be recommended by parents to other potential clients.

Earn money as a personal coach
The English word “to coach” means “tutoring” and that is what a personal coach does. The job can be done in many different fields; like in the area of (self-) management or in fitness area.
Those who can afford it and need help – whenever – usually consult a personal coach.

Unfortunately, the term “coach” is usually not seen as a profession. Since there are no scientifically defined quality standards, nor a state-approved education, everyone can work as a personal coach as long as he has something to offer and can find customers.

For all those who wish to successfully carry out their job as a personal coaching, few learning courses are available. Such study usually takes about 15 months to complete.