(Last Updated On: 24/07/2017)

Carpooling is a great way to save money. However, it is also possible to improve your own budget, because driving pools, if used properly, can help you save money and brings additional money into your pocket.

Saving money through carpooling
If you have to drive a more or less long distance by car every day to reach the office, then it means that you have to drive the same distance twice a day. The resulting fuel costs, as one can expect, are high and it usually gets higher every month. It makes sense to earn money by doing so-called carpooling or car-sharing; it is also good for the environment because you are sharing your ride with someone else who otherwise would have to use his or her own car.
In car-sharing, you drive together with other people in your car to the destination and share the resulting fuel costs. This way everyone gets to their destination and back every day, but pays a much lower amount for the fuel costs.

Find the right Carpool
Obviously, it is not always possible to find the best suitable carpool immediately, because not only the destination [yours and the other person’s] must be in the same block/building, but also the times have to coincide. Relevant ads are often found in the classifieds. There you can search for a carpool, but you can also print an advertisement with what you have to offer. In addition, you should take advantage of obvious opportunities, such as the black boards in supermarkets and other shops. You can also print a small flyer, and hang it well visible on the disc in your car to advertise your carpool. Another possibility is to use online portals, where you can register for free.

Earning money through carpooling
Of course, you can not only save, but also make money. Offer yourself as a driver and take other people with you who have an office near yours. This can be, for example, a daily route to work, but also spontaneous journeys that lie a little farther away, and where you take some other fellow travelers easily in your car. Every commuter who wants to take advantage of your carpooling will deduct something from the fuel costs and you can earn something every time you ride. Of course, you can only take as many people as you are allowed in your car. In order for this type of carpool to work well, all parties should agree to some important/basic ground rules.

More fun and not alone on the road
In order to ensure that the carpool runs smoothly and that, if possible, there are no disputes, you should first consider a few things and discuss them with your potential traveler. Often, it is trifles that are forgotten, but then can later cause great displeasure. Are you not a smoker? If so, you should mention this not only in all your ads and also mention it on a poster inside your car. The same goes for other things, such as animal allergies and things like that. Discuss and clarify everything; write rules, times, meeting points, and also waiting times for each other, because only when all the riders abide by these rules can everyone benefit from it and earn their profit from it.