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In this sequel to the first article, “Earning money quickly – Part I,” we want to share more information on how you can achieve a nice side-earnings quickly and preferably without a lot of tiring effort.

Earn money quickly and safely – more opportunities
In the previous article, we have already shown you some interesting ways to generate a good side income quickly, safely, and completely uncomplicated. In addition to being able to act as a small actor or an extra on television, surveys, product tests, and other activities you can participate in [even if you are studying] are especially lucrative. In this article, we will show you other recommended ways to make money quickly and easily.

Car Advertising
Do you own a car? If so, you now have the possibility to let others rent your car as a driving advertising space. You do not need to change the way you use your motor vehicle. You’re still driving in and out with your car. The only difference is that you now offer parts of the surface of your car as advertising space. With this variant, you are able to easily, make between 200 and 400 dollars per month, without you having to do any extra work/effort. Awesome!

Scrap Style
Whether you believe it or not, you can also earn a lot of money from collection of scrap. In addition to bottles with a pledge of eight, nine or even fifteen cents apiece, there are also cans that bring in a total of 25 cents. In large-scale events, it is possible to find a massive deposit. In the end, you can make a small fortune from collecting stuff that people throw away and you can collect it for free!

Sell stuff on eBay that you don’t need
Do you have some items lying around in your apartment that you hardly ever use? Whether it’s clothing, jewelry, heirlooms, inappropriate birthday gifts, and gadgets for which you no longer have any use, for all these things you can find fabulous buyers. If you have collected all the useless treasures together in your apartment, you can make a mini shop in your attic or basement. All items (from old shoes to outdated Christmas decorations) can be sold, sometimes at incredibly good price. Many people believe that they would not find any buyer for their junk shop, but reality is that things that they useless to you might be of high value to some other person.

Use flea markets or online platforms to sell all the things you no longer need. So you can not only earn a nice side income, but also get some extra space in your living-room/house and also on the walls, at the same time.

Sell photos online
If you have beautiful pictures in good quality, then there is a good chance that you will find a buyer online to pay you a good price for it. This, of course, depends on how good your pictures are and if there is any demand for the kind of pictures you have. Online platforms let buyers not only buy pictures, but they also sell the rights for the images to them, which is a third party. Good and sought-after images can therefore bring a good reward for the author.

Many people play with this idea, but do not want to involve deeply with it. The possibilities offered by the babysitting service can be very attractive, especially for girls/women. Those who crave a tempting adventure can find their fulfillment on trips to other people homes where they look after kids. The keyword is “paid nanny on time” and is certainly also financially seen a particularly appealing part time job.

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