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The profession of being an instructor is vast and can match your personal preferences and skills. You share your knowledge with other people; you pass on information to each individual participant and thus it is a task which is fully accomplished when all participants are satisfied and are able to learn something from you.

Working as a trainer
There are several ways you can earn money as a trainer. If you can do something very well, have a good education background, or have acquired some very interesting knowledge/skill, then you can pass it on to the participants in different courses. For example, you can give courses in the field of art and painting, you can give cooking classes, or you give herbal tips, tours/mountain-hikes, and impart to the participants an extensive and useful knowledge.

If you want to give courses in a public institution, you will need training and some sort of special qualification. If you do not have them, then you can look into working as a private instructor. You can conduct regional groups in different localities, or plan everything yourself, and then offer the courses in a rented room. This is often the case when small learning groups meet in an old school in the village or when there are common hikers. You need to be able to communicate your knowledge easily to the participants, you have to be able to answer all questions, and in addition to the theory, one should always offer a practical part for each course.

A varied and responsible task
You can be an instructor for history, mathematics, art, sports, or any other area. For example, if you run a course for children, you need to be able to convey the knowledge to them successfully. If you care for older people in the course, you have to be able to adjust to them as well. In this way, it can be very diversified when teaching different groups, because you teach two completely different groups of people.

An art group, you can lead theoretically, but you should also organize some practice-related group lessons. So that your courses are not only good, but also make the participants happy. In drawing lessons, you can go outdoors with the participants and paint a picture featuring nature; you can paint beautiful buildings and discuss them in the next lesson. In order to go through every single topic, you must have the necessary knowledge and, if necessary, you should continue to educate yourself so that you can stay up-to-date and can improve your existing skills/knowledge.

The Merit as Instructor
If you enter courses in a profession that you have learned, you can have them run by public institutions. The more you know, the more you can teach, and will be remunerated accordingly. This can therefore be a full-time, part-time, sideline, or mini income opportunity.

If you do not have a sound education, but have a good knowledge in a specific field of expertise on which you are particularly well versed, then you can also work as an instructor on your own. Offer your services to the local government, among other things, and take advantage of the regional groups, student groups, and leisure activities in the region. You can give swimming lessons for local children, you can make hiking groups or something similar.

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