(Last Updated On: 23/04/2018)

Even though there are a lot of ways to make money using internet, it never hurts to know about more opportunities that are out there. Not only can you sell your old furniture and other utensils, but you can also sell services. One of the best option for this is the company “Myhammer.”
Every month, more than 2,000,000 customers are looking for the right handicraft service using this website.

Myhammer – more than a brilliant idea
In the past, whenever there was any hardware repair work needed to done at home, the availability of a repair guy was mostly dependent on the local business in the surrounding area. Either you already knew about who to call or he was recommended to you by one of your acquaintances.
An alternative, of course, was to search the phonebook for other suitable handyman offers. It was difficult; if one wanted to know the experience of other customers with a particular handyman or if you wanted to compare his offer/price, then that was not possible back in the old days.

The internet has enabled us to locate service providers of all kind using Google. Customers can write comments to the service and service and evaluate the operation. If you are looking for the right service today, you can easily inquire about offers. This kind of marketing is also interesting for the service providers – after all, they can position themselves much better on the market.

With Myhammer, however, this kind of searching and finding is raised to another level, and here is how it works:
If you have a technical service to offer, you can create a profile on Myhammer. In addition to contact details and specific qualifications, your profile also includes detailed information about your service. With pictures and presentations, you can also demonstrate exemplary projects and completed work for interested parties. About 300,000 Handymen and service providers have already taken advantage of Myhammer as an optimal portal for their services and work.

Whether you are looking for a weekend job, daily work, or jobs over a longer period of time – with Myhammer, finding them is easy and opportunities are extensive and at the same time, specific.

The visitors of Myhammer appreciate the knowledge as well. As already mentioned, Myhammer is visited monthly by over 2,000,000 interested parties who are looking for the right offer of a service provider.

Which engineering branches/jobs are searched for at Myhammer?
Whether civil engineer, roofer, electrician, painter, and even an architect – whether help is required for moving stuff like furniture, there are no limits to the offer for artisan service providers and the demands of the customers are reasonable. The customer can either make use of an existing offer or the contractor can respond to a special request from the customer.

What is necessary for a profile at Myhammer?
Since Myhammer is a reputable platform for both the service provider and the client, the offer also requires proof of the necessary qualifications. If a service has been provided, it can also be evaluated by the customer. In this way, you have the opportunity to assert yourself within your area with a positive customer feedback and thus to market yourself even better. In order to keep the portal for service providers and contractors as high-quality as possible, Myhammer must also have the appropriate financing. This is the result of participation fees as well as commissions from contracted orders which the contractor has to pay.
With such an optimal marketing option that Myhammer offers, this is certainly an extremely sensible investment, even for those who want to earn something on weekends.