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Motivational trainer is not a protected profession, which can only be exercised with a qualified training. Thus everyone can work in this profession. But those who really want to help and earn honest money should prepare themselves accordingly and acquire the necessary knowledge.

The best ways to work as a motivational trainer
Since motivational trainers are not a protected job title, no special training or qualification is required to work in this profession. This means that, as a rule, every motivational trainer can call himself, no matter whether he has experience and skill or not, an Expert. However, if you are successful in this area and want to build a permanent customer base, you should acquire the necessary knowledge.

Even if it is not mandatory, it is helpful if you have a degree in psychology; education in pedagogy and business can also help you. Although there is no training for this, you can take different courses and take the steps to acquire the necessary knowledge. Various courses are offered at the adult education centers and you can also take part in training courses and online-courses for motivational training via distance learning. In addition, many well-known motivational trainers offer seminars to interested parties.

Your responsibilities as a motivational trainer and coach
Motivational training has the purpose of improving professional and private situations, giving those affected more vigour, and making a good one out of a bad situation. They convey hope and joy, show realistic ways, and thus bring the affected people out of a situation that is bad for them. All this is only possible if you have the necessary knowledge and are able to do just the right thing in the appropriate situation, and also find the right words.

They help clients to achieve their own goals better, they show them ways and offer solutions for all situations and circumstances. However, they often only give a thought and help, because they have to change their situation by their experience and help. With their positive attitude, they motivate those affected and ensure that they become active again and, above all, are confident again.

The salary as a motivational coach
If you have a suitable degree in psychology or similar, and can also prove several years of professional experience, the monthly salary can be between 2000 and 3000 US Dollars gross. But they also need to work full-time, and work as a motivational coach for a relatively large company.

If you do not wish to be recruited, but work independently as a coach, then your monthly earnings will depend on the hours worked. If you are not properly qualified and have little experience, the hourly price for a coaching is about $20; however, if you have professional experience, good qualifications, and continue to develop, then you can earn $100 or even more.

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