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If you want to make money abroad, you don’t have to emigrate, but simply move your job to another country for a more or less long time. Often, the merit for a job is even higher there than in the home country.

Before work, comes the information
Before you decide on a job abroad, you should inquire as much as possible. It is important that you know the rules there and, if necessary, take care of a work permit or even a residence permit. It is helpful if you have a friend or acquaintance who works abroad and is familiar with the regulations. If this is not the case, then use the Internet and any books to familiarize yourself with the regulations.

However, not only does everything have to be regulated for the work abroad, but also at home everything must continue to run smoothly during your absence. The rent must be paid [if you don’t won the apartment or house;] it must be looked after continuously and in the right manner. The mailbox must be emptied/checked regularly. If you are living with your partner, then talk very openly about the pros and cons, and go to work abroad only if you have settled everything and are able to concentrate completely on the new job.

Working in neighboring countries
Austria is very popular when it comes to foreign work [for people for are living in Europe] and it is also temporary. There are not only seasonal job offers, but also jobs that are awarded for a longer term. Throughout the summer and winter, there are places in the gastronomy and hotel industry that are very frequent. Those who work there as seasonal workers usually get a place to stay, and thus live in close proximity to the job.

With a fixed employment, which is also possible abroad, you can finance your own livelihood, and are as secure as with a work in your own country. However, if you have a family waiting for you then you have two choices; either stay abroad alone and communicate with your family regularly via internet or you can bring the family with you abroad to live together. If it is seasonal work, you will earn relatively well, but you should think carefully how you want to manage your family life. If your whole family moves abroad, then you will save less money.

Advice from offices and employment intermediaries
You can get advice about working abroad in particular from the employment Agency. There are numerous brochures, information events, and, of course, internet that can help you find the right job. But nobody is forcing you to do this, because often people are separated from the family for a long time, which is not always an acceptable option for many employees. Take advantage of various counselling centers and also search for private employment intermediaries who specialize in the topic of foreign work.

If possible, log in to appropriate forums, because you will get answers to many questions by people who faced the same situation as you did and have their experience to share with you. This exchange of ideas and knowledge is particularly helpful because it gives you information and tips from people who have already gone through these experiences. It is also possible to get a good job abroad using these forums.

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