(Last Updated On: 15/06/2017)

Earning money and getting a full-time job is not always easy. There are, however, enough opportunities that show different ways of earning not only few Dollars, but a sufficient income per month.

After school and a successfully completed apprenticeship, usually begins the work/job life. However, it is not always easy to start earning money, because salaries are declining in many professions and unemployment rates are rising in many countries. If there is no fixed position/job for you during this time, then there are other ways of bridging the financial bottleneck. It is well suited for such people to look for part-time jobs; seasonal work, job-broads, and even mini-job contracts can help you earn good money.

Many of these jobs ensure that at least the basic needs are catered for, and also offer the opportunity to be hired by the company in a full-time fixed position. The a mini-job contract can also, if one is dedicated to it and endeavor, in the best case, convince your boss that you desire to be a permanent employee of the company; your temporary employment relationship can be converted with the firm into a full time fixed employment contract.

Seasonal work
Anyone who is looking for a job urgently, but despite all the effort does not find it, should look for alternatives. These do not always correspond to your own ideas, and often require compromises, but they make it possible to earn money in the short term. While in USA, summer time is widely used for seasonal work, there are still many jobs that you can find throughout the year.

It is not only during the holiday season, but employers are looking for workers also in summer and winter. First and foremost, gastronomy is in the area to look into; this is where one can contribute with diligence and commitment in many different areas. But the construction industry is also often looking for qualified workers, who can offer work with a temporary employment contract.

Use part-time work as a starting point
Do not be held by statements that describe a job as not being valuable. Even if you find only a minor or Mini job in the first attempt, this work brings you money, you can show yourself professionally, and you have the opportunity to improve your skills there. All this is better than sitting at home, and hoping for a full-time job/position. You may be able to get a second part-time job, or you may get a better offer than the current one; you can look forward to a full-time position after a certain amount of time.

Take advantage of small backup jobs in the beverage store; go to the supermarket and loo for any temporary job offers or ask actively in the local businesses. The more you use yourself by actively looking for opportunities, the better your chances are for getting one. You can also get advice at the employment office, because they can also help you get a mini-job. You should take advantage of any temporary job opportunity you find, because often the temp-workers are transferred to a fixed employment relationship.