(Last Updated On: 18/12/2017)

Earning money without much effort and in the shortest possible time, that’s what everyone dreams about. This can be a realistic wish if you win some lottery, which we all know is not something you can rely on. Most of the time, unfortunately, there is no easy way to make huge amount of money in short time period. However, what you can do is make some money by few easy ways. To help you “make easy money,” we have gathered here for you some insightful information.

Definition makes the difference
Whether something is easy or not is usually decided in eye of the beholder. While for one, work as a teacher is the purest fulfillment, since nothing can make him happier than working with children, it might mean, for another, pure stressful job to have to guard a horde of screaming dwarfs. No offense intended to children 🙂

The subjective perception of effort complicates the categorization of easy/light-weight work. It is therefore necessary to consult more objective criteria on the basis of which easy work can be defined.
These are, on the one, physically light work and then there are those activities that do not require a high level of mental integrity.

Easily earn money in office
If you want to make money with easy work and if it is easier for you to do some work that requires using brain, then you can decide against physically strenuous work.
Probably the most comprehensive example of this is all office activities. For example, you can work as an office clerk.
His duties include commercial office work in the area of personnel management or accounting. In addition, organizational activities, such as the correspondence, coordination of appointments and preparation of meetings are part of his tasks.

The activities of drivers in public transport, i.e. bus and train drivers, and taxi drivers, are also practiced while sitting on a seat. Although their work requires a high degree of ability to concentrate and the job is somewhat physically demanding.

Making money playing
Generally, each work requires a certain amount of talent, interest, or at least some devotion. Nevertheless, there are activities that do not have a high level of intellectual entitlement. This includes all stoic, monotonous, & consistent work.
But some activities with much more variety do not necessarily require high cognitive performance.
An example of such work is a job as a game tester. For many hobby gamers, this job is a dream profession, because you earn money in the truest sense of the word.

The task of the game tester is, during or after the development of a game, but before the release, to check the game for any errors, be it language, graphic, or in logic. The level of difficulty of the different levels, as well as the occurrence of content harmful to young people, is also checked in this controlled way.

The procedure to be followed in this troubleshooting is called the target comparison. In this case, the game tester has a target list, which contains various criteria, by means of which the game tester should check the gameplay.
Once an error has been detected, the corresponding game situation must be repeated as many times as needed until it is clearly defined how and when the error occurs. The difficulty is to carry out the task continuously with constant concentration, although it can sometimes be very monotonous to do something repeatedly for hours.