(Last Updated On: 09/02/2017)

We all know that today’s job market it tough. It is even tougher to get one of the few well paid, interesting and creative jobs out there. That’s because these are the jobs that most people want and are the ones that recruit the most talented employees, which means competition for them is fierce.

The normal ways of getting a competitive edge – a good education, a professional appearance, a positive presence on social media, and a summer internship – are now just expected as standards. Today job seekers have to find new ways of making themselves stand out; and a great way of doing this is to improve your fitness.

If you’re not convinced, below are five reasons why improving your fitness will help to give you the competitive edge at work:

Improve concentration

Regular exercise will help to improve your concentration and to remain focused for longer periods of time. Most people also find that the fitter they are the more energy they have throughout the day; while those who aren’t often find themselves feeling lethargic and unmotivated.


Being fit generally makes you feel better and have a more positive outlook. This can be essential when faced with tough times at work or if you are struggling to find a job and often having a positive outlook can be the determining factor in whether you preserve or give up. Many times what separates high-achievers from everyone else is their positivity and inability to give up, not matter how difficult the circumstances.

Reduce stress

Everyone goes through stressful periods at work. There are always times when the workload piles up, difficult contracts need to be won, and challenging projects need to be completed within a short amount of time. During these times being fit will be an asset, as regular exercise will help you to de-stress and relax. Many people also find that exercising helps them to sleep better at night, which is vital when you are dealing with stress.


It you are fit your overall health will improve. Being fit helps to reduce the chance of getting ill, can lower your blood pressure and will keep your weight under control. It will also encourage you to eat healthier, which again will help to improve your health. Having good health is important, as it means you are not constantly taking sick days and makes you feel physically capable of facing a challenging workload and long hours in the office.


Today, the use of social media has meant that the barriers between professional and private lives are increasingly becoming blurred. Many employers are looking for employees who have interests outside work, as well as those that are able to perform well in the office. For many, activities such as running, hiking and cycling provide an opportunity to have out of office interests combined with keeping fit. While others prefer to join sports teams as it enables them to get fit, socialize and demonstrate that they are team players.

If you want to get fitter but don’t know which exercise is right for you, here are some suggestions:

To lose weight

The best way to lose weight is to take up exercises that burn a lot of calories, these can include:

  • Running
  • Cycling
  • Swimming

To relax

There are many gentle, low impact exercises that can help you to unwind, here are a few:

  • Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Tai Chi

To be social

If you are looking for more social activities try one of these:

  • Golf
  • Team sports
  • Gym classes