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Here’s why this part-time job as a copywriter is so much attractive:
1. Flexible in terms of time. The copywriter decides when and how much he works.
2. No initial investment necessary (just a PC with an internet connection is required)
3. You can get a new job every day!

Working from home on your PC as a copywriter can improve your income/budget
There are a lot of copywriters at UpWork.com who work at home as copywriters and are making as much as $500 a day! The advantage of this type of work, however, is that the earnings are not capped at any fixed level. The copywriter independently defines how much he wants to earn and when he does his job.

In addition to this maximum flexibility, there are some further advantages:
1. There are no costs for the copywriter when using freelance portals like Guru and UpWork
2. Regular and stable earning is possible
3. Committed copywriters can earn bonuses
4. Insurance under certain conditions is possible.

Write text and make money online | Article is divided into the following sections
1. Authors Wanted: Make money online by typing
2. Make money online without annoying acquisition
3. A Copywriting Project: from acquisition to delivery
4. The author’s briefing: the basis for good copywriting
5. Advantages for freelance copywriters who write text online
6. Write text and collect money/bonus
7. Write articles and earn money from home: That’s how it works!
8. The most frequently asked questions
9. Typing jobs on internet: Users looking for copywriting jobs also search for these topics
10. Tools for Copywriters: From “Heading” to “Adverbial Determination”
11. Arguments
12. Get your copywriting fee calculated!

1. Authors Wanted: Make money online by typing
Writing articles gives you pleasure? And you are convinced of your skills? Then you could do a serious part time job as a copywriter. You already fulfill the basic requirements in order to become an active member of freelancing sites like Guru.com. To what extent you comply with the work is up to you. Maybe this business is your dream job. There may be an interest in using a hobby as a side income or getting a taste of it in the occupational field one step at a time. All of this is possible because both part-time and full-time freelance writers are being sought.

Free and Secure
To join/participate at UpWork, no elaborate application process is necessary. You can register free of charge as a copywriter. Before it gets serious, a small quality control takes place. As freelance sites give great importance to the complete satisfaction on the part of authors as well as the clients. To write a sample text or article on a given topic. This is editorially checked and classified in terms of quality. After a positive assessment of your performance, you can immediately select vacant orders through your account and earn money from home. Home work is the keyword here. The author account is clearly arranged and offers you versatile options to make it easy to translate text on internet. Especially important is the editing of your own profile. There, you represent yourself as a copywriter to prospective clients and, with a bit of luck, quickly get your first personal order/project.

Time for writing high quality text
The advantages of working online are quickly recognized by experienced copywriters who are sought after as freelance writers. Because they can concentrate on their true skills. Online copywriting platform makes it clearly visible which topic/niche on the market are currently being searched for and brings together clients and interested/qualified authors. Clients formulate their requests via the marketplace, which makes it clear which writing job the freelance writer is looking for. The registered copywriters can look at the article orders and take over the task if they are interested. Additional activities around writing do not block the creative streak for a minute. You do not need to worry about reliable order books, billing, and legal issues. All this is handled by the freelance site, for both authors and clients. The most pleasurable advantage of cooperation between the client and freelancer is that both get a positive rating. If freelance writers are sought who provide their competencies via this route, you, as a copywriter, can freely decide when or where you will work on the orders/jobs you take. Whether you let your inspirations run wild in the garden or in your favorite cafe is your business. What matters is only that you comply with the agreed delivery date when writing for online clients.

Make money with paperwork from home: regularly write articles with daily payment
Make money online with new orders every day! For you, time-consuming orders and client acquisition is eliminated. Of course you can request your copywriting fee, as an online editor, daily. Make money from home on PC, quickly, easily, and without any cost!

Concentrate on your core competency, text writing. Freelance sites take care of the rest for you, this includes:
1. Procurement of orders
2. Legal issues
3. Billing
4. Credit of your remuneration
and all the other stuff…

Reservation of orders
Reserve/bid on any number of orders and do them according to your personal schedule. Ensure the timely delivery of articles and work with your regular customers.

2. Make money online without any annoying acquisition
Before money can be made with an order, it has to be won first. A lot of work and sweat are needed to attract customers! This is especially true for new comers…
With good writing alone, you cannot make any money. Anyone who wants to become a copywriter in order to earn money by writing text – articles, eBooks etc. – needs to win projects/orders from wealthy clients. The acquisition of orders is time-consuming and a difficult job, provided that no paid advertising or additional distribution are used. If a prospective customer’s order is won, many steps are required before you actually start writing. These set-up times require not only sales skills but also creative conceptual preparatory work, until the writing of the text can begin.
Freelance sites, however, relieve you of any efforts for acquisition, sales, and advertising. Writing text and earning money – that’s easy to do using an author account at many freelance sites.

3. A Copywriting Project: from acquisition to delivery
The work of copywriters can be divided into three phases. Each phase individually takes up time capacities that a copywriter lacks for his core competency of writing. With regard to the overall process of a text project, the following weight applies:
36% – acquisition/preparatory work
60% – writing the text
4% – follow-up and support
Sixty percent of the total time available remains for writing the text.

Phase 1: Acquisition and preliminary work
If a potential party has been found, demand determination takes place:
What text are to be written? (Web content in the form of product descriptions, SEO text, blog content and articles for content marketing, or text for e-books and press releases?)
What amount of text is needed in what time-period?
Are there requirements for the tonality and structure of the text?
How is the essential information delivered for the processing of the text order?
Should SEO tools for analysis be used?
What is the text subject?
How many revision loops are included in the copywriting offer?
In what format are finished text to be delivered? (Word, txt, csv or excel?)
Should the delivered text be protected against unauthorized use?

When these questions have been clarified, an offer is made for the project, where the text is a subtask of the text project. If the customer accepts the service and wants to buy your service, further preparatory work is necessary before the freelance copywriter can start writing.

Phase 2: Writing the text – specifications
The copywriter writes his order and takes into account the specifications of the client. In addition to requirements that are derived from the text type, there are requirements that the client includes in the author’s briefing due to his company wordings, his SEO strategy, or his personal goals.
The more precisely the copywriter translates these specifications into text, the more likely he will be to meet the ideas of his client with the finished text, thereby saving time-consuming rewriting.

Phase 3: The follow-up/Support
If the text is written and completed by the freelance copywriter, the post-processing phase begins. In the end, the text will be delivered in the format requested by the customer and presented to the client for approval. If there are no revision requests from the client, the text is accepted and the service is marked as completed. As a freelance copywriter, the invoice must be written and the receipt of payment must be monitored.

4. The author’s briefing: the basis for good copywriting
An author briefing and trust has to be developed together with the customer. The briefing covers all essential requirements for the creation of the customer’s content. The author’s briefing is the written work order for the copywriter, whose specifications he takes into account in goal-oriented text in order to achieve the best possible results.
As soon as the briefing is complete and you have all the information you need to write the text, the copywriter can begin to write at home. The opportunity to earn money online is now on the way!

5. Advantages for freelance copywriters who write text online
The time it takes to get a serious copywriting job [offline] is tremendous for freelance copywriters, as they have to be able to competently cover all three phases of the project procuring process by themselves.
That is not the case for freelance copywriters who write text online via job portals like Guru.com.

Copywriters who make money from home by placing orders/bids online have about more time to do the job i.e. to write text. While other copywriters may be wasting time in writing job offer or showing someone a sample article, online copywriters may already be working on their next assignment. In addition to the time advantage, internet offers other aspects that make writing from home attractive.

6. Write text and collect money/bonus
Those who provide quality text can climb to the VIP status [a writer who has high ratings receive special badges.] A writer whose performance is excellent is rewarded handsomely.
Thanks to the VIP status, you will be noticed faster in the middle of the multiplicity of copywriters; improve your reputation and gain popularity. You get more access to your text editor profile and thus more copywriting jobs.
With our VIP seal and quality content, you can expect to receive bonuses on most of your projects!

7. Write text and make money online from home: That’s how it works!
If you want to earn a regular/additional income from home with your writing skills, proceed as follows:
1. Create a free author account at Guru.com or UpWork.com
2. Write a sample text is needed. Write it exactly according to the specifications of the task.
3. Work continuously and with consistently good writing quality. Always following the instructions of your client in order to improve your rating and increase your earnings.

Since the sample text is both your application and the ticket for the copywriter platform, “quick shots” are to be avoided in any case. Set the task as best as possible and pay attention to correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling when writing any sample text. The more specific you implement the specifications in your sample text, the higher your rating and thus also your reward.
Expected income per word based on your rating:
5 stars 4 to 5 cents per word
4+ stars 2.5 to 3.5 cents per word
3+ stars approximately 1.2 cents per word
2+ stars 0.75 cents per word

8. The most frequently asked questions
1. What exactly does the activity as author comprise on freelance platform?
2. Why do I have to write a new sample text?
3. What is unique content?
4. The author’s briefing is not as clear as it first appeared. What now?
5. What do I do if I cannot meet a deadline for an order?
6. I want to write content online. Why are there currently no text jobs? When are orders placed?
7. How do I increase my ratings?
8. A client needs articles on the same topic – is this an oversight or intentional?
9. How much time does a client have to accept or revise a text?

1. What exactly does the activity as author comprise on freelance platform?
You write text for customers who commission unique content for their websites. This can be, for example, search engine optimized text, blog posts, or product descriptions for online shops. Writing articles as authors may sometimes require a sample text from you. You also write such text over and over again as an author – each time a buyer wants to see your work according to his special needs. Once your sample text has been accepted, there’s nothing to stop you from doing the job and earning money from home.

2. Why do I have to write a new sample text? Can I not submit a text that I wrote as sample text?
The writing of the sample text and the associated implementation of briefing instructions serves as a first check of your writing skills. Based on your written expression, spelling, and ability to follow the client’s guidelines, your skills can be judged and the client can decide if you are the right person for the job. The requirements of the sample text are typical of most orders on freelance platforms, so the sample text is your application and at the same time an acceptance test with the client.

3. What is unique content?
Unique Content simply means non-duplicate content that you cannot find anywhere online/offline. Text written for online clients may not contain any copy(s) of content from other websites, and must necessarily be unique. As a service provider, the content you write will often be used in website, which are then evaluated positively by the search engines if the find the content to be unique. The more positive the search engine evaluates content, the higher it lists the corresponding website in its search results. Uniqueness is a crucial criterion for Google and other search engines. Copied contents are negative and the website is either not listed at all or placed very low down in SERPs.
All articles submitted to clients are usually checked by CopyScape. This is a service that compares your text with all existing text on internet after you submit it. Passages that are not unique will be displayed by the system as “Duplicate Content” and you will be asked to change them. If these are unavoidable duplicates (e.g. citations,) you can submit the text to the client using the “Re-submit text in spite of copy-scape hits” button. He will then be shown the passages containing duplicate content, so that he can give a revision request if necessary.
Even so-called internal duplicates are not accepted. When submitting a text, clients check to see if recent jobs have identical passages. You will then be asked to provide text or phrases with unique content.
No matter how similar the titles and topics of the assignments are, it is absolutely necessary to express the same or similar contents in different styles/content. As an author, you are solely responsible for submitting unique text.

4. The author’s briefing is not as clear as it first appeared. What now?
In a self-service platform like UpWork, all orders are placed by the clients. If there are substantive questions regarding copywriting orders, the client should be contacted as soon as possible after acceptance of an order via the internal messaging system of the freelance site that you are using.
If there is no prompt response from the client, you can contact the freelance support, but you should first wait for a day or two. Always state the corresponding order ID and the order title when you contact the support.
Certain situations require special measures; if there is no response from a client and the freelance support also receive no further information from him or her, then there is the possibility to cancel the order, as a further order processing is then not possible. In this case, always contact author support.

5. What do I do if I cannot meet a deadline for text orders?
Deadlines are extended independently by the clients. Therefore, in this case, the client of the project in question must be contacted by mail and asked for an extension.

6. I want to write content online. Why are there currently no text jobs? When are orders placed?
You want to earn money from home and there are no orders? Freelance sites are self-service platforms; this means that customers place their orders independently. It happens that there are short phases in which projects are not commissioned in certain categories. Experience has shown that new orders are regularly placed at various times of the day in all job-categories. Therefore, it pays off to check the text marketplace every now and then. To make regular money from home, you can subscribe to receive notification about new jobs quickly.
Anyone who returns a job unprocessed must expect a reduction in ratings and thus also the number of jobs that he or she will get in future.

7. How do I increase my ratings?
After you submit articles, your text is checked by the client and evaluated with regard to spelling, the expression, and the implementation according to the requirements of the project. Good and fast communication with the client is a must.
You can achieve a higher rating if you write good content, provide good support, and maintain good communication with buyers.

8. A client needs articles on the same topic – is this an oversight or intentional?
It can happen again and again that clients need several different articles on one topic. Therefore, as an author, you are expected to be able to create new and unique articles based on the client’s description.

9. How much time does a client have to accept or revise a text?
Different freelance sites have different time frames in which a client can check the content and request a revision. The client usually has three working days to accept or request to revise text. If he or she does not comply with this deadline, the articles are automatically accepted by the system after the expiration of three working days.

What to write in your profile?
Briefly describe your personality and how you came to start writing.
Why does a client choose you for the job?
What do you do when you do not write?
What does your workplace look like when writing articles?
What is the most important thing in writing that is important to you?
Show sample of your work; give links to articles if that is possible.
Which writing job you like the most?

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