(Last Updated On: 09/06/2017)

More and more devices are produced abroad, and they come to us without, or with only unreadable instructions. For many old devices, instructions are often missing, hard to understand, or they are in some other language; that puts the whole user-friendly thing on the back seat. By writing and translating such instructions, income can be easily and comfortably made from home.

Write user-friendly instructions
Instructions that have been translated into English [from Chinese or Japanese language] abroad are often difficult to understand and are often very flawed. It is important to explain everything precisely and accurately about the product, like Warnings and Safety stuff, so that the user is in no damage. Many retailers are therefore looking for a way to write various instructions/manuals that are easy to understand and are accurate. In order to do this, you will be provided with the old manuals and the devices and products.

These devices must be tested with all functions. This is the only way to write a new manual in a customer-friendly and accurate manner. Always allow sufficient time for completing such jobs/orders. Ask your friends or acquaintances to operate the device according to your instructions. This will help you identify vulnerabilities or errors that you may not notice otherwise.

Translating instruction manuals
If you have received the correct manual for translating, or have written it yourself, then translating to other languages can be a follow-up order. If you also want to offer this service, you have to master a different foreign language. For instance, if you can translate content from English to French, then you can offer a service where you translate a device manual from English to French or vice-versa.

Of course, the client can also send you an already written manual, which you then have to translate into some other language. However, you should only accept such orders if they written properly and that you can actually translate to or from the foreign languages; only accept a job if you can translate everything correctly. A good writing program like Microsoft Word and a light image editing program can prove helpful, because usually a manual is not only made of text, but in many cases, instructions are vividly illustrated.

Find orders and Customers
This type of job is often advertised in the classified ads. So it is worthwhile to invest a bit of time and search the various online ads as well as the local press. Often the offers of different manufacturers or retailers can be found on special media sites. However, you will need to log-in to the appropriate page to contact the employer.

This also gives you the opportunity to offer your own services there, and not just to wait for the appropriate advertisement, but to take the initiative yourself. Create a meaningful profile and show the most important parts from your CV and vocational training to the public. If you have studied foreign languages or have a thorough command over both written and spoken language, you must indicate this in your profile. Good references can also help you if you want to write and/or translate instructions to increase your own income.