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Highest Paying Jobs

The median salary for all jobs in the United States is $43,460 (or $15.95 per hour). For some people, this is more than enough money to be happy, but others have personal dreams and goals that require a higher income.

Now, we don’t recommend choosing an occupation just because it pays well. Sure, money should be one of the factors, but most adults spend the majority of their waking hours working, and doing something you don’t love can be a pretty miserable existence (even if the job pays well). The salary should only be one of many factors in your decision.

Below, we’ve compiled a list of 25 of the highest paying jobs. You’ll notice that most of them have significant educational requirements. If you want to make a lot of money and lead a happy life, the absolute best way to do so is to stay in school and follow your passion to the highest available level of schooling that you can.

Occupation Median Salary Median Hourly Current jobs Required Education
Oral surgeon $166,000+ $80.00+ 6,650 Doctoral degree
Anesthesiologist $166,000+ $80.00+ 661,370 Doctoral degree
Internist $166,000+ $80.00+ 661,370 Doctoral degree
Orthodontist $166,000+ $80.00+ 7,680 Doctoral degree
Physician $166,000+ $80.00+ 661,370 Doctoral degree
Surgeon $166,000+ $80.00+ 661,370 Doctoral degree
Chief executive $165,100 $70.37 400,400 Bachelors plus experience
Dentist $161,000 $78.95 120,180 Doctoral degree
Engineering manager $119,300 $57.34 184,010 Bachelors plus experience
Podiatrist $118,000 $56.75 12,190 Doctoral degree
Petroleum engineer $114,100 $54.85 21,870 Bachelors degree
Marketing manager $112,800 $54.23 175,570 Bachelors plus experience
Lawyer $112,800 $54.21 759,190 Law degree
Pharmacist $111,600 $53.64 269,900 Doctoral degree
Air traffic controller $108,000 $51.94 26,200 Long term training
Physicist $106,400 $51.14 15,620 Doctoral Degree
Financial manager $103,900 $49.96 539,250 Bachelors plus experience
Nuclear engineer $99,900 $48.04 16,920 Bachelors degree
Mathematician $99,400 $47.78 2,940 Doctoral degree
Sales manager $98,500 $47.37 346,860 Bachelors plus experience
Purchasing manager $95,100 $45.71 70,350 Bachelors plus experience
Optometrist $95,000 $45.67 34,760 Doctoral degree
Chemical engineer $90,300 $43.42 31,660 Bachelors degree
Economist $89,400 $43.00 14,600 Masters degree

All statistical data provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics and Career One Stop

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