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If this sound like a dream to all hobby gamers, then it’s time to wake up and accept the new reality, which is that you can now earn money in a playful way; almost unbelievable but it’s true. Up to 80 million dollars are already given in some of the top online game tournaments in the recent few years.

When your hobby becomes a job
For many, this will sound like a long-waited dream coming true. Whenever the time to play games is absent, when your computer or console needs to be turned off, it is usually because the work [your office or part time job] calls. You need a job to earn money more than ever before as the cost of living has increased significantly in recent years. There are certainly many people who used to ask the question that why is it not possible to earn a living with playing computer games? 🙂
This dream/concept has already become a reality for many people!

In the gaming world, this type of professional is called “eSports.” According to some sources, nearly ten thousand players have cracked the $500,000-dollar mark to date. The website eSportsEarnings publishes the top earning gamers and the corresponding income.

The top gamers receive sponsorship income, prize-money, and gifts. But that’s not all; for live transmission of their gameplay, these gamers are also well paid. They are making tons of money from their videos on YouTube. This income comes from advertisement that is shown on their videos.

Ryan Walker, an American, has become quite richer after winning some contests. He is currently ranking in top 10 earners according to stats shown by eSportsEarnings.

Good opportunities in a booming industry
The games industry has undergone massive development over the last few years. This should not be surprising because the industry has seen rapid sales records all over the world. This trend does not seem to be decreasing over the years, but on the contrary, is increasing even more…
More and more people are enjoying this adventurous pastime/hoppy, which is not weather-dependent. The fact that the games are even more and more playable online also develops a big competition among the players; that is one reason why more and more tournaments are taking place with increasingly tempting winning rewards. In this industry, prize money in the six-digit range is no longer a rarity. First person shooting and strategy games are a popular venue for competition and in search for the best player. Moreover, now the category of Virtual Sports [most famous of which is Football] is also gaining popularity.

Virtual football games have improved/evolved tremendously over the years and they are attracting more and more enthusiastic. For example, Pro Evolution Soccer from Konami and FIFA by EA Sports are very popular. Both companies bring out new variants every year – which is rather unusual for the gaming industry when compared with other game categories.
Certainly, many of the earning opportunities associated with this hobby are now well-known. This means that many ambitious gamers play with the idea of making money in a playful manner. Professional gaming is thus being lifted to a steadily higher level, making it more difficult for a pure “Hobby eSportman” to keep up with it. However, if you are a talented player, the doors are open to tournaments and the other associated earning opportunities. You should try it at least once – after all, who wouldn’t want to make money while playing video games? 🙂

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