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Our most popular “Playground,” the Internet, is opening up more and more income possibilities. In recent times, social networks are spreading and gaining popularity. Among the largest and most well-known are networks such as Facebook, Instagram, and Xing, but the network Twitter keeps getting most of the headlines. As you can now follow not only the life of your favorite star(s,) but also make money too! We have done some research in this regard for you.

What exactly is Twitter actually
As already mentioned, Twitter is a social network, one of the most growing ones. Registered users can create a personal profile at Twitter. The word “to tweet” means to write a small post/message in your Twitter account.
The short messages that are published, the so-called tweets, used to have a maximum of 140 characters, but Twitter has recently increased this limit.

Those who are interested in the messages of other users can then subscribe to their updates and thus become a follower. By tracking (“to follow” = follow) of the updates all tweets can be read. Of course, the whole thing also works the other way around. By writing tweets for which other members are interested, followers can be collected.

Anyone who wants to make money with this social network should be aware of one thing, the income is always based on the number of followers. The key to the financial success is how many people are actually interested in the content of your tweets.
So, in general, the more followers you have, the higher the chances of actually earning money with the social network. The advantage of Twitter is undoubtedly that it is a very young network. This makes it possible for beginners to establish themselves sustainably without any major effort and to be able to book some financial success.

To build your own fan base, there are some helpful tips that are easy to follow. The most important thing is that the popular tweets are interesting for other users. No one wants to read that you just got up or you’re making a coffee.
If you also have your own blog, it makes sense to link it to your Twitter account. So you allow your blog readers to follow you on Twitter and in return your blog will also get more readers.

Also, you should decorate your Twitter profile with an inviting design. It’s best to do something with your personality or what you tweet about. For images and custom colors, always keep in mind the legibility of all the fonts.

To get more followers, you can also follow a simple principle. Many users who are subscribe do it in return. So the more people you follow, the more your popularity will increase. It also increases the chance to be seen by other users in the follower’s circles of others.
But here too, one should not proceed indiscriminately. If possible, care should be taken that the people you follow are dealing with similar issues as you do yourself.

Twitter offers the option to write a short biography in the personal profile. This should be as exciting and meaningful as possible. Those who have a convincing biography usually also have interesting tweets.

But even with Twitter, the beginning is hard. First of all, you should connect with friends, acquaintances, and colleagues so that you can have a host of followers. Before you invite others, you should also have written some tweets. This gives the impression that something is happening on your side and that it is worthwhile to follow you.

Use advertising networks
Now, to actually make money with Twitter, you can use different advertising networks that have been specifically set up for Twitter. The best known is probably Magpie. Here, Twitter users can sign in with their account and agree to publish a certain number of advertising messages between their regular tweets.

It goes without saying, the more followers you have, the greater the distribution of the advertising message. Accordingly, the potential revenue that can be reached via Magpie is also higher.

The advertising network AdCause also works. Here too, the possible earnings depends on the number of followers. Just like with Magpie, there is advertising between the normal tweets.

There is a third way to make money with Twitter; users can provide their background image for the placement of advertising. The user decides for how long the advertisement appears in the profile and how much money the customers have to pay for it. Advertisers who are interested in the advertising space can then contact the user via Twittad.

Although these options do not pose a risk to the user, you should do things in a moderate fashion. Anyone who has too much advertisements on his/her profile, could find resentment to his followers and lose them.

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