(Last Updated On: 15/11/2017)

You work a lot, have little to no free time, and yet you don’t have enough money to afford a new phone? If you are in a similar situation, then it makes sense if you starting comparing/evaluating your salary. For this, you can use different job portals; you can also use also use the general/average wages in your comparison.

How much money is normally paid?
Salary expectations are as diverse as the actual wages paid in the various professions. In general, there are professions that are less well paid. These include, among other things, social or nursing professions. These require extreme physical work and are often physically strenuous jobs, but these are rather poorly remunerated compared to other jobs. Another aspect is its own qualification. If you have a well-founded basic education, an apprenticeship, and several years of work experience, then the wage will be higher than that of an assistant worker or an unskilled hand in this job. This also applies to newcomers who have just completed their apprenticeship, and have little practical experience.

Compare salaries
On the Internet, you will find various comparison portals and special websites that deal exclusively with the different professions and their remuneration. On the one hand, you can see merits during the training; on the other hand, you will also learn how wages differ in each federal state, and what amount of money you can [possibly] make if you have more than five or ten years of professional experience. The size of the company also plays an important role in the amount of your earnings. In a small firm in some small town, the wage will be lower compared to a large urban company of the same industry. In order to be able to draw a real comparison, you have to consider several factors.

If your colleagues earn more
Office colleagues are not always talking about how much money they are making. And when they do, you cannot always assume that this information is really true. Even if colleagues are nice, and there is a good working atmosphere, the wages are [often] happily lied about, sometimes because their contract prohibits them from telling their real salary.
But if it is clear that your colleague(s) are being paid more money for the same work, then you should explore the whole situation a little more closely. Is he/she better qualified? Does he or she do more work than you do, or does he/she also undertake special tasks? Try to settle the matter quietly and then seek, if necessary, an open conversation with your supervisor.

Get more salary – how is that possible?
The salary doesn’t always have to stay the same. There are various models that have proven to be very effective in many companies and are being used again and again. Therefore, during a probationary period, the earnings are lowest. If this phase has been overcome and successfully completed, then the employment contract will be continued, and the salary should normally be raised as a rule of thumb. After that, there will probably be no change for a long time. However, this can change if you have been working in the profession for several years, and you have been able to become more and more qualified in a step by step process. Continuing and further training can also help you to earn more money. If you work in a leadership position, the salary is likely to be well above that of a normal employee, as you take on more responsibility and make important operational decisions independently.