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You can wait a long time to get a good job; however, if you wait for too long, you are taking the risk that the job will be given to someone else. With an initiative application, many bosses can be persuaded.

Spontaneous applications – become active
Unsolicited applications are applications that you spontaneously write to apply to a company for a job that is not yet officially advertised. You can compile this application as a normal or detailed CV, or use the form of a short application. Even if it sounds somewhat confusing to apply for an unadvertised job, speculative applications often have success, because employers appreciate the dedication and commitment.

You can personally submit an initiative application to the company, send it by post, or simply use the Internet and send the application via e-mail. You should also use the Internet for searching, because you can find many companies in your area quickly and easily, who often ask for initiative applications on their own homepage.

Make money and actively go to job search
If you apply without an advertised job profile, you will never know exactly what tasks are assigned to you, what particular requirements are waiting for you, and whether you are up to it at all. That is why it is important that you assess your skills and abilities in a realistic manner, and then only look carefully for the right companies.

If you have found attractive companies matching your profile, please check their website for further information. Then you should decide whether to send the company a complete application form, or only a short application. Both are possible, whereby your strengths can be emphasized better by a complete application portfolio.

Stand out from the crowd
If you have decided how the application should be, then consider how to send it to the boss. If the company is near you, you can submit your own initiative application in person. Your application will end up on the right-desk, if the boss personally meets you.

In times of high unemployment, the number of unsolicited applications grows. In order to stand out positively from the many other applicants, you can give the application a personal style. Use the information about the targeted industry to tailor the application. If you are applying for a job as a cook or a kitchen aid, then you can design your CV in the form of a recipe. 🙂 [Just throwing an idea]

Design the application in such a way that it stands out from the standards, but nevertheless remains clear without being obtrusive. All important information and the personal career, as well as a personal cover letter should be properly formatted, but do not particularly embellish this.

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