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Every day, some of us watch movies and series on television; the protagonists live in pretty designer flats, in detached houses in suburbs, or in central city flats. But who actually lives there as soon as the shooting is finished? Some people at least think about it – except maybe just those who rent their apartment as a location. We have researched how you can get Hollywood into your living room.

Filming in your own four walls
Every day, dozens of film teams at different locations access and work in rented flats/houses until all the scenes are in the box. The most popular and important locations are always private real estate. That is why there are a number of agencies that have so-called Location-scouts, private homes, and are communicating to film productions.

The market and demand is great. The film and advertising industry is constantly looking for new locations. Sooner or later, almost every motif is sought – from the garage, the workshop, the equipment shed to the stylish designer flats, and spacious villas.
It is therefore no wonder that more and more tenants want to rent their apartment as a location. It is, after all, a more than lucrative ancillary service, which requires little work except for some inconvenience.

Advantages and disadvantages
In general, every location can be a possible target for a film or an advertising productions. Often, locations are booked for a few days. However, it may also happen that photographers need the apartment for only a few hours, or that a film shoot may take several weeks.
If this is the case, the residents usually have to evade another quarter until the shooting is completed.

In addition, it is possible that the entire apartment has to be completely redesigned for a shoot. Not only is the replacement of furniture needed; It is also possible that entire rooms have to be re-papered and set up.

Cleaning up after a shoot may also take several days. When a complete team goes on for days of work, it may end up with some chaos. Here, everyone must decide for themselves whether the compensation is worth the inconvenience.
In contrast to these inconvenience is the good pay. The exact amount of compensation depends on the length and budget of the production, but usually a net monthly rent is expected per day of shooting.

The requirements
Of course, not every apartment or house is suitable for film shooting. The locations should meet a number of criteria in order to qualify as a location.
For example, flats that are smaller than 80 square meters are rather inappropriate. And also the individual rooms should not be less than 20 square meters. Otherwise, there will be space problems if both actors, the camera team, and the complete lighting equipment have to squeeze into a room.

In addition, sufficient parking space should be available immediately around the location. And a film or television shoot can only take place in a private apartment if the owner’s consent is given. Especially tenants should think about this before they register in a corresponding venture.

However, if your apartment or house meets all of these criteria and you have no problem with occasionally letting some people work in your home, then the location rental could be just the right solution to improve the budget. And maybe your apartment can also have a glimmer of Hollywood glamour.

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