(Last Updated On: 06/12/2017)

The problem of parking-search is probably known best to people who live in a big city. More and more people are driving on their way to work, on holiday, for shopping, or for a trip. Every car needs a parking space and how hard these are now to get [everyone is competing for it] you probably know best. This is precisely why a new trend is emerging which is intended to solve this problem and is also profitable in the meantime.

High Demand
The demand for parking places is increasing. The number of parking spaces offered by the city is difficult to follow and can hardly meet the demand. If you are not travelling in your own city, you only rarely know the secret corners, where there are sometimes hidden parking spaces.
Especially because of the high demand, online companies have increasingly latched into this market gap in order to saturate the high demand with available offers.

Just like on holiday, where the hotel residents, who usually put their own towel on the couch by the pool early in the morning, to mark them as reserved, many people who, for example, want to have an important business appointment in the best case, can count on a parking lot. In the middle of a ban on parking on the street, no one can leave his movable stand, no matter how important the appointment may be.

Car Park Rental – how it works
Meanwhile, there is a hand full of internet providers that make it very easy to advertise an offer. In this way, one can offer free space as an offer on one of these portals and also has a platform on which the corresponding clients can contact you and who would like to accept your offer. Registering with such websites is generally even free of charge.

The Provider
The provider determines the location of his parking space and the time. For example, if you do not use your own parking lot in certain times, then it would be advisable to set this time on one of the corresponding websites as a parking lot advertisement.

The Parking-Seeker
If you are looking for a parking space, you can simply select the location and time of a vacant space online on one of the websites, and you will be informed about suitable offers and can make a contact.

The Payment
The payment is usually also made via the corresponding internet platform and is handled by the worldwide known provider PayPal. This ensures safety for both sides.

Win-Win Situation
On one hand, they help other road users by providing them with a parking space; on the other hand, you will receive a reasonable fee for your presumably unused parking lot. Sometimes, you may also want to reserve a parking space for yourself before your arrival – whether you need a car park for a certain time of day, or if you want to impress your wife with a romantic date that you have setup in a restaurant where parking space is scarce.
So everyone is happy and is helped in some way. Maybe in the future, you will want to use this brilliant idea for earning more extra money.