(Last Updated On: 17/07/2017)

Junk goods are neither waste nor do they belong in the garbage. Often they are very beautiful and even valuable items, which are good for reselling. To earn money from junk stuff, however, it takes some time to learn and gain certain knowledge.

Often, a person’s view of what is good or bad junk are very different. This is especially true when we are talking about buyers and sellers. One man’s garbage can be something that another person sees worthy of buying. In many households, objects are regularly sorted out, which are then thrown out as junk.

There can be real valuable items in there, stuff that not everyone is interested in, but you can still find buyers for them if you look in the right place.

If you find something interesting or attractive in a garage sale or outside a house thrown as junk, then you buy it if you think you can sell it for a higher price. If it is thrown out as junk, then you can bring it home and take photos. If necessary, clean it and repair it if possible/needed. The free stuff you come across in streets, you will have to decide spontaneously whether the pick-up is worthwhile or not.

Surely not every single item will be suitable for resale. If, however, you find a garage sale where you see a lot of items that [you believe] can bring you good money, then you can buy the whole lot, i.e. all the offered junk goods. Perhaps you will give away some things, or throw them away, but it will be all worth it if you make good profit by reselling even half of the items. You can sell on the flea market or perhaps even in a small shop; you can buy almost everything you need, from jewelry to toys, to old books, clothes, and small furniture in garage sales.

Buying and Selling
If you get junk as a gift, then you should definitely accept them. Sort items for sale and dispose of the rest, which is quite simple to do. If there are not enough items that you can offer in your shop or online store, then you can buy the junk goods from other places for a lower price. For this, it is important that you know which things you can sell again and of course how much profit the items will bring. So check out the various flea markets and compare prices and offers.

After that, it is important that you act properly when buying; never look too excited to buy anything, no matter how valuable you think the item is. The best thing to do is to ask for the price before you make an offer yourself. If the price mentioned is consistent with yours, then buy it. If it is too high, give the seller a simple calculation example, and then name your price. If these are interesting/worthy items, you should be ready to negotiate and agree somewhere in the middle.

Sell junk and make good profit
Before you sell the goods, these should be sorted clearly and by price. Sell individual items, such as single cups and plates; it is always cheaper than selling the complete series/set. Always write down the selling price that you paid for it, and then calculate your profit you want to achieve. If the price is realistic, then the article has a high chance of selling in shorter time. Articles that are well in order and not damaged, you can always ask higher price of them; these can easily sell even though they are more expensive than normal goods. But don’t ask too much money; think about whether you would pay this money yourself, because that provides a good help in setting your pricing.

Then you must secure a stand at the flea market in time, and build up your stand there as early as possible. Place small and precious things on a table near you so you can always see them. Make it easier for the visitors, and provide cartons with various items sorted by price. Here, too, you must be ready to react quickly, because only then you can sell the junk for a profitable price.