(Last Updated On: 13/06/2017)

Even if it is not easy at the beginning to bring family and profession under one roof, the right planning can combine both so that neither the job nor the children become outcast.

Find the right child care center
Before you start looking for a new job, and have a professional resume, you need to find a child care center. After all, only when you know that your children are attended to, you can look for a new job. There are various care options available to you, which can be easily adapted to your personal needs.

The first stop will probably be a nursery/kindergarten. Some kindergartens offer a full-time service in addition to morning care, so your child can stay there until the afternoon. Another possibility, which is often financed by the Youth Welfare Office, is the childcare by a day mother or a day father. To do this, you can get advice from the youth welfare office responsible for you, and also learn about the tasks and trainings of day parents.

Find a family-friendly employer
Not only parents know how difficult it is to reconcile family and work, but more and more employers are becoming aware of this problem. This is why there are more and more jobs that focus on child-friendly working hours. On one hand, this has the advantage that mothers and fathers can concentrate fully on the profession, and on the other hand, employers of qualified and committed parents, who successfully return to the profession, benefit from it.

If you want to make your family and career a success and without a lot of stress, then talk openly and honestly from the beginning. Explain your family situation in the interview, name the care times and any alternatives you can offer. Are you going to be committed, reliable, and be a convince to the boss of your organization? It does not matter if you gloss over unexplained situations, because when the child gets sick and you have no alternative, you will have to justify yourself at work.

Settling time for all
A short acclimatization time will help not only you but the whole family to get used to the new situation. This is especially true for the children, especially if they have always been cared for by themselves at home. If you have been given a chance to visit the kindergarten, then get involved with the children. So you can get to know the other children, find new friends, and familiarize yourself with this foreign environment. If you have a day mother, you should also take a few hours a day to help the child in making/establishing a relationship with the unfamiliar person.

The free time you get, should be used to prepare for the new job. Do important things that are still to be dealt with and use the other hours for work. Show commitment and spend these hours at work. So you get to know the colleagues and the workflow; you can learn and do a lot of work without worrying about the well-being of your children.