(Last Updated On: 09/03/2017)

What Can I Do With a Major In Math?

Math majors have the ability to turn complex real-world problems into mathematical equations that can be solved. This is a highly desirable skill set, and many organizations employ math majors who have the ability to help them find ways that they can operate more effectively and profitably.

Companies in every industry need to hire people who are great at math (particularly applied mathematics). Since math majors are proficient at working with numbers and complex formulas, many find employment in the finance or banking industry. Others work in economics, medicine, law, computer science, manufacturing, research, education, and other fields.

Many math majors go on to graduate school, where they frequently study math, computer science, economics, physics, astronomy, and other subjects that require a strong mathematical background. Some graduates choose to become teachers, and there are math majors teaching all levels of students from kindergarten through the university level. In short, there are very few limitations on what a math major can do with their career.

If you want to enroll in an undergraduate program that will provide you with many employment opportunities upon graduation, then a mathematics major could be a great choice for you.

Careers for Math Majors

Below is a list of careers that are well-suited for math majors. These occupations make use of the logical, mathematical, and problem solving skills that math majors develop as students. This is not a comprehensive list, but it should give you a good idea of the types of jobs that math majors work in.

Occupation Median Salary Median Hourly Current jobs Outlook Required Education
Actuary $87,650 $42.14 19,730 Good Bachelor’s degree
Auditor $61,690 $29.66 1,290,640 Good Bachelor’s degree
Budget Analyst $68,200 $32.76 67,210 Normal Bachelor’s degree
College Professor $62,050 $29.83 1,756,000 Good Graduate degree
Cost Estimator $57,860 $27.82 217,760 Good Bachelor’s degree
Elementary School Teacher $51,660 $24.84 1,549,520 Good Bachelor’s Degree
Financial Analyst $74,350 $35.75 250,630 Good Bachelor’s Degree
Financial Examiner $74,940 $36.03 27,020 Good Bachelor’s Degree
Financial Manager $103,910 $49.96 539,250 Good Bachelor’s Degree
High School Teacher $53,230 $25.59 1,109,500 Good Bachelor’s Degree
Insurance Underwriter $60,670 $29.17 102,950 Normal Bachelor’s degree
Kindergarten Teacher $48,800 $23.46 179,520 Normal Bachelor’s Degree
Logistician $70,800 $34.04 100,380 Good Bachelor’s degree
Management Analyst $78,160 $37.58 746,860 Good Bachelor’s degree
Market Research Analyst $60,660 $29.16 249,810 Good Bachelor’s degree
Mathematician $99,380 $47.78 2,940 Good Doctoral degree
Middle School Teacher $51,960 $24.98 659,460 Good Bachelor’s Degree
Personal Financial Advisor $64,750 $31.13 208,420 Good Bachelor’s Degree
Purchasing Manager $64,750 $31.13 70,350 Normal Bachelor’s Degree
Software Developer $94,180 $45.28 514,790 Good Bachelor’s Degree
Statistician $73,720 $35.44 22,560 Normal Master’s Degree
Survey Researcher $73,720 $35.44 19,600 Good Graduate Degree