Your job, as a mechanical engineer, is to design and manufacture mechanical components and systems such as car engines. You can also work on maintenance projects. Mechanical engineers can do many different types of jobs; for instance, you can design, test, and develop new tools, machines, or systems that ships use . You can also work on development of heating and cooling devices.

Mechanical engineers use their knowledge and experience to solve complex problems. They use computer software to build devices that can fit the criteria, which a manufacturer provides. Before building a device, they test its performance by making a smaller prototype. This allows them to test the device and make changes to it in order to make it fit all specifications that the client has provided.

This is vast field. Mechanical engineers can work on designing engines for commercial cars or big ships, do research work, or have a career in robotics; there are tons of options to choose from!

Mechanical engineering don’t just design engines, they can work on numerous other building projects. They also oversee the manufacturing process of the systems that they have designed.

Mechanical engineers spend a lot of their time inside offices. This is because one of the key elements of their job is to plan, design, and test whatever system or device they are working on. They do all this work in their offices and in specially designed labs. They build models and prototypes of components, engines, and other mechanical parts in labs for testing purposes. They often go through intensive trial & error process to make the final product.

This is a full-time job and often requires employees to work extra-time to complete the given task or project within the agreed time-frame.

You need a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering to become a mechanical engineer. The study program includes courses in Math, Physics, Calculus, Drawing, Computer software training, and other science subjects. After graduation, students can continue studying to get a master’s degree.

Check following links for more information, these are ABET accredited programs:

1. Alabama A&M University
2. Arkansas Tech University
3. Bluefield State College
4. Brown University
5. California State University
6. Central Washington University
7. Christian Brothers University
8. City University of New York
9. Clarkson University
10. Clemson University

Presently, there are more than 278,000 mechanical engineering jobs in USA. Job growth, according to BLS, is 5% from 2014 to 2024. Mechanical engineers can work in lot of different industries; for instance, vehicle manufacturing or research centers. The private/commercial transport industry is evolving faster than ever; electric cars and driver-less cars are the future of transport. As this industry grows, the demand for mechanical engineers is growing as well.

Mechanical engineers earn [approximately] between $53,700 and $128,500 annually. The annual median salary is ~$83,600.

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