(Last Updated On: 26/02/2018)

A Mobile Bike Doctor is a “repair-man” for bikes, motorcycles, scooters, and/or quads, who drives to customers to repair their wheels, change tires, and more.

What does a mobile bike doctor have to do and how does he create his offers and his price list?
The mobile bike doctor must have knowledge in the field of bicycle mechanics or generally in the field of two-wheeler mechanics in order to successfully and satisfactorily fulfill orders. Furthermore, it is necessary to have commercial knowledge, as he has to write contracts, settlements, and the like.

In accordance with the individual skills and abilities, the services that a mobile bike doctor can offer to his customers can vary. Some offers are based on individual’s knowledge and the opportunities he has, and also according to the needs/demands of his customers.
The price list should be final and aligned according to the work involved.

Where does a mobile bike doctor work and how does his customer reach him?
The execution of the actual work is usually done not in a workshop, but on the go [on the spot.] This means that the Mobile Bike Doctor comes to the customers and carries out the respective order on site. However, depending on the extent and difficulty of the work, the transfer to a workshop can also take place.
Therefore, the Mobile Bike Doctor should have a mobile phone to reach customers when they need his help.

In any case, it is important that the mobile doctor is in possession of a driving license. In addition, he should be in possession of a vehicle with which bicycles, motorcycles, etc. can be transported easily. In addition, tools must be available to perform the appropriate work.

It has to be considered further that not only the costs for the execution of the respective work are calculated, but also the costs for the journey/travelling. Before the bike doctor does a job, he should give his clients a quote. If he wins the contract, then the most important points in a contract/order should be recorded.

What does a mobile bike doctor have to consider when dealing with customers?
First of all, it is important that the Mobile Bike Doctor has a well-groomed appearance. He should be friendly and reliable. In addition, a competent advice, as well as a conscientious processing of orders is mandatory. Satisfied customers can become regular customers and recommend the “doctor” to others. Word of mouth and flyers are no longer enough in today’s competitive market. Therefore, the bike doctor should get a website, where both the individual offers and price lists are mentioned and explained, as well as the own personal details are presented.

The profession of mobile bike doctor should not be underestimated. It is a profession that requires a high degree of reliability, accessibility, organizational and time management, and technical knowledge. In addition, it must always be considered that the remuneration depends on different factors. So it’s possible that there are times when a Mobile Bike Doctor will earn less than others.
Nevertheless, this work offers an optimal opportunity for those who are looking for alternative ways of making money.