(Last Updated On: 18/05/2018)

Only few people worry about where their garbage is going. After all, some pay attention to the correct waste separation and disposal. But the fact that you can still make money with old stuff and that recycling is not only good for the environment, but also for your wallet, is known by very few. We have explained for you how to get the most out of your garbage.

The money is often in the basement
Many things that the average consumer simply disposed of in household waste, are still worth good money. Scrap metal, for example, is a highly sought after recyclable material. Especially aluminum, brass, copper, and zinc sheet are real treasures. However, the sale is worthwhile only if you sell larger quantities.

Even with waste paper, you can earn some money. So instead of disposing paper, you can collect it and then sell it when there is enough of it. However, this requires a little space and patience. There is even more money for white paper than for recycled paper.

Another source of money that is often underestimated are bottles. Many consumers still dispose of their empty bottles in the trash – in defiance of the high pledge. You don’t need to collect bottles of strangers from the street 🙂 it is enough to change your own habit and stop throwing bottles that are used in your home. S single PET bottle can be sold for up to 25 cents! Which is why bottles should always be collected instead of thrown away.

As the smartphone industry continues to bring new models to the market, old cell phones are being phased out more and more frequently. Almost everyone has at least one old cell phone at home that he does not need any more. Even that old phone can be sold to make money. Various portals on internet offer a platform where you can sell or purchase old equipment. On these platforms, you can estimate the residual value of the model for free and in an uncomplicated way. Selling it is also simple and easy work. With this option, the devices can be reused or recycled properly.

Making money from garbage
The idea of making money from garbage is becoming increasingly popular. On internet, you can sell so many things; you will be surprised to see what people are willing to pay for stuff that others consider junk. For instance, you can sell empty or used toner cartridges, printers, ink re-filling kits, etc.

A company that specializes in the recycling of old toner in an environmentally conscious way and relies on recycling old printer parts, is actually making money by buying these old parts from online users and then recycling them into something new.

Thanks to such companies, you don’t have to throw valuable stuff in the trash. The process is quite simple: Old cartridges can be collected and a list of the price per cartridge is determined independently. The old cartridges are then packed in a box and sent.

And that’s not only good for the environment, but also for your own household budget. This is how toners can be recycled in an environmentally sound way, so that the huge pile of rubbish that keeps building up every year can be combated. Unfortunately, almost 90% of the accumulating printer cartridges are still disposed of in the trash.

Similarly, there are other sites that buy old stuff and turn them into something new in an environmentally friendly way. This is a lucrative business and you can too become a part of it by not disposing old electrical cables, CDs, DVDs, discarded cell phones to thrash. As you can see, with a few tricks and little effort, you can get cash out of your trash every day!