(Last Updated On: 24/10/2017)

Almost everyone knows how some internet stars have become famous through YouTube. In addition to successful American models such as Nigahiga [Ryan Higa] and Jenna Marbles, there are also many artists in other parts of the work who are making a lot of money with their videos.

The system for making money
Until some time ago, it was reserved to a few selected users to use/utilize YouTube partnership program to earn money with their videos. In 2012 however, YouTube opened there earning program for all registered users! Since then, anyone can monetize his or her videos, which means that users are now allowed to earn money from advertisements that YouTube shows alongside or directly in the videos. Users post videos and in return, these small filmmakers receive a certain percentage of the advertising revenue that YouTube generates from ads.

But YouTube users have no influence on the content of the ads. You can only decide whether to broadcast the advertising banners before or during your videos. However, the precondition for participation in advertising revenue is that all content/videos are made by yourself. From the very beginning, YouTube has been protecting users against copyright infringement.

Payments under high secrecy
The exact percentage of advertising revenue earned by popular YouTubers is strictly confidential. Agencies and artists always refer to the strict contracts with YouTube, where exact figures are considered as trade secrets.

But many aspiring “YouTube stars,” are estimated to earn a monthly income in order of >$10,000 through advertising revenue. With an average of approximately 1 Million clicks per video, comedians, Gamers, and other YouTubers/internet stars are making a fortune from advertisements along.

Even more well-known is the YouTube gaming star Pewdiepie [real name Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg.] Many consider him to be one of the best YouTube starts and feel proud to be subscribed to his channel. He is famous, especially, for his parodies of well-known games. But he also makes other types of videos.

YouTube as Springboard
Due to the high competition on the internet, there are only a handful of artists who are now able to make a breakthrough in this way, so that they can make their hobby a profession. Many have become popular by launching their career via YouTube, but these days, the competition and the number of videos posted on YouTube has gone out of proportion. Nevertheless, with some good talent and luck, you can still be successful.

The opportunity to make money with homemade videos on YouTube is real. YouTube is using ad revenue sharing as an incentive for its users to motivate them to upload more videos on their platform. Because the more videos are online, the more money is earned – especially for YouTube/Google itself.

For all the artists who have a high number of subscribers and clicks/views, and have reached a certain level of popularity, the participation in advertising revenue is not the only source of income. Often, there are contracts by different agencies who will give you work/jobs like making live performances.

Many also conclude their own contracts with companies in which they undertake to award selected products in their videos.

One thing, however, all have in common: none of the successful YouTubers released their videos with the goal of earning money [at least, not in the beginning 🙂 ] Anyone who can do something particularly well, who is by nature witty, or simply likes to share different aspects of one’s own life, can try his luck. And then it’s like other things in life, it either will work or it will be a fail…


  1. Very good information but I think nowadays it is really hard to get your videos in the top 10 results. The competition is too much!