(Last Updated On: 05/09/2017)

Unfortunately, parked cars are not safe in every parking lot. The number of burglaries of cars and even damage to such property, is unfortunately increasing. For this reason, more and more companies and operators of parking garages and parking lots are deciding to set up a parking guards.

Your duties as a parking guard
If you are hired by a parking-lot company as a parking guard, then you will most likely monitor the parking space from a small room full of TV screens showing you camera footage of different areas. So you have the opportunity to see all the area of [a large or small] parking garage, and to intervene in an emergency or to get help. However, if you are hired by a company that has its own parking space for employees, for example, or by an organizer who will leave you with the supervision of the place, for example, if a large event takes place, then your workplace will look a little different.

If you work directly at the parking lot, then you may need to assign a parking-space to drivers; you organize the parking allotment for the visitors, and of course you also make sure that no one is able to steal the vehicles that have been parked. You cannot allow burglaries in your lot, now can you? 🙂
If you are instructed, then you might have to collect a parking fee from the visitors, and therefore must also manage the cash-counter. The tasks are not only fraught with responsibility, but also offer you variety and close contact with other people.

Earning opportunities and special skills
If you want to work as a parking-lot guard, then you do not need any special training. However, since it can happen over and over again that you have to intervene at a rampage, you should be physically healthy and strong. For this reason, many employers prefer male guardians or people who can engage in martial arts. If you are healthy, physically fit, and well trained, then applying for this job is definitely worth it. You should also have some knowledge of how to handle different types of people, assess situations well, and intervene as quickly as possible. Pay attention to a well-groomed exterior, because in part you also present the organizer through your work.

How much money you earn in this work as a parking attendant is usually agreed before you start working. If you watch the same parking lot every day, you will get a normal monthly wage. If you have a part-time job and watch different lots, then you can earn up to 500 US dollars a month. If you are used spontaneously, or if you are asked to guard a parking space during an event, you will usually be paid on a per-hour basis. The hourly wage can then be between 5 and 12 US dollars. It always depends on the region and, of course, on the size of the event and how much the area is to be monitored.

To find a job as a parking guard, you can apply at large companies, or use the various job exchanges that you can find online/offline. You can also audition for security companies and inquire about a vacancy. If you do not want to rely only on their job-offer, then advertise yourself in the local press, and also use various ad-sites on the internet.