(Last Updated On: 19/04/2018)

Earn money as a dog sitter
The demand for reputable pet care is increasing. Often, it is only the boarding service the dog owner needs, in other cases, it can also be an hourly or day care for the pet. Therefore, working as a dog sitter requires not only experience in dealing with dogs, but also a degree of flexibility. While handling of the dogs usually takes place in the vicinity of the owner, the day care can also take place in your own home.

Dog sitters are, especially, frequently booked during the holiday season. If no one from the family can take care of the animal and no friend or family member has free time/space, then people dog owners usually sought dog sitters.
In some cases, a short-term emergency request may also occur if the dog owner, for example, has to go to the hospital or is absent for a while for professional reasons. Thus, it is possible that you have to handle the dog of your neighbor the morning, while at night, you need to take care of a friend’s dog at their place.

Mobile animal care: an excellent earning opportunity
If you want to work as a pet sitter and make money, you should have a driver’s license, so that it is possible for you to pick up a dog to take care of on weekends or during the holidays on time. Furthermore, this mobility can be used to increase the services you can provide as a dog sitter, and thus also the earnings. Many dog owners do not have their own car and are always faced with the problem of how the dog can best be brought to the designated place.

Mobile pet taxi is a great way to earn money as a dog sitter. Because with this service, it is possible for every dog owner to have their dog transported safely from point A to point B.
It is really helpful if your services/offers are made known through the internet. This possibility can exist, for example, with a simple & free Website or a Facebook page, on which one can include all the offers and individual services.

This earning opportunity is aimed at all dog lovers who are well acquainted with animals and are able to steer a dog safely. It is helpful, but not absolutely necessary, if you know the subject very well, or have special skills. This can, for example, be a trainer who has worked as an animal assistant or something similar. You can also take a training course or attend courses to study in this area.

If you want to earn money long-term as a dog sitter and if the animals will be mainly cared for in your own home, then such animal care service can be checked and approved by the responsible Veterinary Office according to the Animal Welfare Act. Once this is done, the dog sitter can start work. This gives you legitimacy and trust as an animal care taker; you can then make more money on all contracts. For every single order, you will make more money and you can call yourself a Pet Manager.