(Last Updated On: 20/02/2018)

Even if it makes a rather funny impression, you can actually earn good money as an advertising mascot. A lot of students use this job to earn something for themselves during the holidays or on special occasions. However, the work as a mascot is not for everyone.

Working as an advertising mascot – varied and fun
If you want to work as an advertising mascot, then you will have a varied and fun, but also a strenuous task. You can be hired by various companies and businesses, and then make a very special advertisement figurine for you. You get a costume, and make start advertisement by wearing it in public places. This will alert many potential customers and put the company in minds of many people.

You can, for example, advertise in a strawberry or apple costume for a big farm; you can make as pepperoni disguised advertising for a pizzeria, but you can also get a chocolate costume, and apply a confectionery. Many sports clubs also have a mascot that is immediately associated with the club. This is exactly the principle that the clients use when they are looking for an advertising mascot. So you should have fun and joy in such a job, and don’t be afraid to approach people.

Since every company makes advertising of some kind, you can use several ways to find a part-time job as an advertising mascot. You can inquire spontaneously in the surrounding shops; you can also search the advertisements in the local press, and also the internet for suitable offers. Advertising mascots are often sought when a larger event or a public festival takes place in your city.

You can also create an advertisement in which you offer yourself as a mascot. But then you should not focus only on classifieds, but also advertise where large companies and other companies are likely to see them. You can use company’s’ websites or general business portals. There you can search for a suitable job.

Working as a mascot
If you have been given a part-time job as an advertising mascot, you will also get some instructions. You may be able to have a trial and watch another mascot do its job. In any case, you should not be shy of people, instead, you should be able to reach out to other people and also to address them. In addition, you must always stay friendly and promote a good mood.

The job is not only varied, but can also be very tiring. Often, the costumes are very heavy and thick. If you work as a mascot in the summer months, it will be very hot under the costume, which can quickly rob you of power. Therefore, you should keep your health in mind when doing this job; also, this job is suitable for physically fit people. The job is therefore gladly awarded to students or younger people who are physically active and also sporty.