(Last Updated On: 09/03/2017)

What Can I Do With a Major in Psychology?

If you are a psychology major or you are thinking about becoming one, you are probably tired of (uninformed) people questioning the value of your degree. It’s true that an undergraduate degree in psychology doesn’t directly prepare you to work in a specific occupation (it’s not a vocational degree like accounting or engineering), but it’s also true that the knowledge and skills that psychology majors develop are extremely valuable in the working world.

Over the course of their studies, psychology majors develop strong research and writing skills. They also develop a great understanding of why people think and feel the ways that they do. For these reasons, psychology majors are often great fits in marketing, sales, writing, and teaching positions.

It’s a common myth that psychology majors have to go to graduate school if they want to be marketable after college. While it’s true that many psychology majors do go to graduate school where they study law, psychology, and other subjects, most graduates do not. Instead, most graduates with psychology degrees take the skills they learn in school and apply them to an entirely different area of focus. In fact, there are psychology majors working in every imaginable industry.

Remember: nobody is defined by their degree. Employers hire people, not diplomas. Your career will be what you make of it, and a degree in psychology can help provide you with a skill set that you will use throughout your career.

Careers for Psychology Majors

Below is a list of occupations that are relevant to the education that psychology majors receive in school. Note: This is not intended to be a comprehensive list, but it should give you a good idea of the type of work that psychology majors often do. Some of these occupations are entry level, while others require a graduate degree or extensive work experience.

Occupation Median Salary Median Hourly Current jobs Outlook Required Education
Clinical Psychologist $66,810 $32.12 152,000 Normal Graduate degree
College Professor $62,050 $29.83 1,756,000 Good Graduate Degree
Elementary School Teacher $51,660 $24.84 1,549,520 Good Bachelor’s Degree
High School Teacher $53,230 $25.59 1,109,500 Good Bachelor’s Degree
Insurance Sales Agent $46,770 $22.49 434,770 Good Bachelor’s degree
Kindergarten Teacher $48,800 $23.46 179,520 Normal Bachelor’s Degree
Marketing Manager $112,800 $54.23 175,570 Normal Bachelor’s degree
Market Research Analyst $60,660 $29.16 249,810 Good Bachelor’s degree
Mental Health Counselor $38,150 $18.34 120,900 Good Bachelor’s Degree
Middle School Teacher $51,960 $24.98 659,460 Good Bachelor’s Degree
Psychologist $89,900 $43.22 174,400 Good Doctoral Degree
Public Relations Manager $91,810 $44.14 56,720 Normal Bachelor’s Degree
Real Estate Agent $40,030 $19.25 394,420 Good Bachelor’s degree
Real Estate Broker $54,910 $26.40 123,390 Normal Bachelor’s degree
Sales Manager $98,350 $47.28 346,860 Good Bachelor’s degree
School Counselor $53,380 $25.66 281,400 Good Master’s degree
School Psychologist $66,810 $32.12 152,000 Normal Graduate degree
Social Service Manager $57,950 $27.86 130,560 Normal Bachelor’s degree
Social Worker $42,480 $20.42 350,500 Good Bachelor’s degree
Substance Abuse Counselor $38,120 $18.33 85,500 Good Master’s degree