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Each of us has something at home that we no longer need, which is too good to just throw out. These items, although they are usually still well preserved, only take up space and add dust in the corner. Now you can easily and uncomplicatedly find a new owner for the old pieces of stuff [including jewelry] and at the same time, earn some money too.

The online flea markets
For some time now, the professional providers and private sellers on eBay have been in the background. Now, there are some alternatives for these sellers to post free classifieds – and that’s much easier to do than on eBay.
Flea market apps are gaining more and more users and increasing their popularity. The best known are eBay classifieds, Shpock, and Stuffle.

The concept is simple; using a smartphone app, you can upload and offer used things with just a few clicks. Browsing, searching, and shopping is also easy. This is intended to reach private sellers who are too cumbersome to ebay.

The right thing for everyone
Both ebay classifieds, as well as the start-up companies Stuffle and Shpock (short for “shop in Your Pocket,”) offer an internet flea market where almost everything can be offered. Shpock already managed to get around 1.2 million app downloads; the Hamburg competitor Stuffle stand at around 400,000. They both list several thousand new listings per day.

The handling of these apps is extremely simple and also free of charge. If you want to publish an advertisement, you only have to upload a picture of the product and provide a short description and a first price/offer. Within a few minutes the offer is uploaded and can be found by others.
Just like a real flea market, spontaneous buying is the main focus here. You can rummage around in the mood and the prizes will be haggled happily until both parties agree.

Many advantages for private sellers
The flea market in pocket format is perfect for those who are looking for hidden treasures or those who want to get rid of the used ones. Stuffle, for example, also offers the possibility to distribute your own offers via social networks such as Facebook and Twitter or by mail in order to reach more potential buyers.
Thanks to a new function, which is in the foreground at Shpock and Stuffle, even in many cases the necessary shipping is omitted. An easy-to-use perimeter search displays only listings that are close to the shopper. In this way, checkouts can be carried out simply and personally.

Another popular flea market app, especially for girls and young women, is a clothing roundabout. However, the clothing roundabout is not just a sales area, but also a social network that, with its own community, offers a platform to exchange ideas about fashion, trends, and lifestyle.
However, not all the things you want to get rid of can be offered here. Clothing roundabouts, as the name suggests, is exclusively for clothes, shoes, and accessories.

So if you have things at home that you no longer need, with the new flea market apps, you have a great opportunity to make some money by selling them. The ease of use and the large community offer the perfect platform to improve your household cash from home.

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