(Last Updated On: 22/06/2017)

Not only the newspapers, but also the internet is full of nice high income job promises. Especially if your financial situation is rather poor, such offers have a magical attraction. However, there are some important facts you ought to know in order to identify real and serious job offers and to avoid being scammed.

Start the job search realistically
Although your financial situation may not be the best shape right now, you should remain realistic in your job search. Take your last regulated income for comparison, and honestly consider how much you have to earn in order to survive. You should orient yourself on these amounts and then look for a good and, above all, serious job in the right places.

There are many different features that distinguish a reputable job from an unscrupulous work offers. This is why it is important to know them and to pay attention to them when browsing the ads sheet. This saves you time, but also emotional-stress and possibly even financial losses.

Job offers on the internet
Internet is literally inundated with job offers. To recognize a reputable offer and a real company, you should be aware of several things on the internet. Every commercial provider is obliged to provide an imprint. This applies both to the company’s webpage and to ads on the Internet. Always check the imprint first. The company must have its own address, a telephone number [possibly fax number,] a company owner name, and, as a rule, a tax information should be shown.

Respond only to job offers that are clearly described. Places where you are promised a lot of money, but if you do not find anything about the nature of the job, you should not even consider looking further into such scams. It is best to consider job offer only if the nature of the activity, the scope and, of course, the place of work are indicated. In addition, serious offers also include the skills that the new employee should bring. Take a look at the job vacancies of the large job boards, and also use the open search of the employment agencies.

Offers in the local press
Often, people believe that printed ads are more reputable than Internet ads. Unfortunately, this is not the case, because scam and dubious offers can be found everywhere. Take a close look at the ads in the job markets and make sure which location is indicated. It is also helpful if you compare similarly-written ads. If the same work is offered in different places, but repeatedly with the same number advertised, this could be a clue. The same is true for phrases like: “For more information, please call the following number.”

Pay attention to a landline number and see if it matches the location you specify. If you are asked to contact the employer by telephone, you should be very attentive if they start asking questions that have nothing to do with the job, in the strict sense, but rather is private/sensitive information.