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Tickmill Review 2018 – Verdict: Best suited for both beginners and advanced traders

Tickmill operates globally and is headquartered in London and is regulated by the FCA, which is considered to be particularly rigorous and reliable. Private investors can trade 62 different currency pairs and additionally some CFDs with this broker. The online trading platform from Tickmill can be used for trading, but the proven MetaTrader 4 is also available to all customers free of charge.

Tickmill restructured and expanded its offer in 2016. So it’s no wonder that the broker has attracted a lot of attention in the industry and even won some important awards. The services of Tickmill and the customer service are available in many languages. This includes good education, so beginners do not need English skills to learn trading from the ground up.

The facts at a glance
Safe and trustworthy regulation in the UK
Forex and CFDs trade via MT4
Website, customer service, and educational material in different languages
Maximum leverage of 1:500
Free demo account
STP Broker
No requotes
Minimum deposit is $25

General Risk Warning: The financial products of the company are at high risk
and can lead to the loss of invested capital. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose.

The topic overview for the Tickmill review:
Our Tickmill experiences in detail
Trading with Tickmill
Account opening and extras
Questions and answers about the broker Tickmill
Is Tickmill legitimate?
Tickmill Conclusion: One of the best brokers in the market!

Tickmill at a glance:
Broker Name: Tickmill
Broker type: STP Broker
Established in 2014
Headquartered London
Regulated by FCA UK
Account Currencies EUR, USD, GBP, PLN
Account from $25
Payment Methods: Bank Transfer, Credit Card, Neteller, Skrill
Max. Leverage 1:500
Margin from $20
Spread on majors from 0 pips
Number of currency pairs 62
Trading platforms MetaTrader 4, WebTrader
Mobile Trading Yes
Bonus variable
Demo account Yes
Support live chat, phone, email, callback

Our Tickmill experiences in detail
Trading with the online broker Tickmill is possible both with its own online platform as well as the MetaTrader 4. The own platform of Tickmill has the advantage that no download is required. This makes it possible to trade directly in the browser, which makes sense especially if the customer frequently works on changing PCs. The MetaTrader 4 is very popular with experienced traders, because this trading platform is easy and convenient to use, but at the same time offers a wealth of different functions. All the usual analyzes can be carried out with little effort via the MetaTrader, so that the professionals can use this program to extract a great deal of information from the trading prices. Automated trading is also possible with Expert Advisors without programming knowledge.

Tickmill offers traders a choice of 62 currency pairs plus 16 CFDs on indices. Also on the gold and silver price, you can be speculated at this broker. How trading fees are calculated depends on the chosen account type. There is an account available that only apply spreads as fee from 1.6 pips and no commissions are charged. Customers can also opt for trading with a commission of $2 per trade and spreads starting at 0 pips. For both types of accounts, a minimum deposit of only $25 applies, so that trading is possible even with a small investment. The minimum volume per trade is 0.01 lot each. Whoever wants to invest a high amount of at least $50,000, can get a VIP account at Tickmill, here the fees are significantly cheaper.

Compared to other brokers, Tickmill thus offers very low trading fees, which ultimately has a positive effect on the profit of the customers. Another advantage is that Tickmill operates as an STP broker and thus forwards the trades of the customers to a large market with many participants. This not only offers increased security, but also a price advantage for the customer. The trades are always executed at the current best price for the trader, so that once again there is an additional financial advantage.
The execution latency is extremely low and Tickmill is one of the few brokers that does not have requotes.

Account opening and extras
A trading account can be opened free of charge at Tickmill. Account currencies include EUR, USD, GBP, and PLN. The UK Regulatory Authority’s regulations not only provide personal information, but also financial status and past trading experience when opening an account. Deposits are possible via bank transfer, credit card, Neteller, and Skrill. The deposit is basically free of charge, the same applies to withdrawal payments. Unlike many other brokers, Tickmill follows a clear course and spares traders with additional costs. With a deposit of $5,000, even the bank charges are taken over by the broker. The minimum deposit is pleasingly low at $25.

Customers at Tickmill benefit from a very good training offer. A free demo account can be opened independently of the trading account and serves on the one hand to get to know the broker and the offered services without risk and obligations, but can also be optimally used for training purposes. With Auto-charts, large amounts of data can be examined and scanned in a short time, giving traders plenty of profitable ways to place a trade. The economic calendar provides a good overview of important events that can affect trading prices. This allows traders to optimally prepare and benefit from the impact of these events on the market.

Registering with this broker does not involve any surprises, as it is similar to other reputable providers. The customer fills in an online registration, receives a confirmation email and completes the account opening process by clicking on the verification link.
For full account registration, the customer must then prove his identity, which is usually done via a copy of the identity card and a proof of address.

Details of the required information
In addition to personal data such as name, telephone number, and e-mail address, traders must also provide information on their own financial situation and previous experience in trading with Forex, CFD, or other products. For example, it asks what capital is available for trading Forex and CFDs. This information helps the broker to better assess the customer. According to licensing regulations, the broker must check whether the customer is actually suitable for trading with highly speculative products. If it appears from the information in the registration form that this is not the case, the broker will advise the trader not to trade Forex and CFDs.

Following the registration, the new customers can deposit money into the trading account and start trading directly. For this, however, a deposit method should be chosen, in which the money is credited to the trading account immediately. With a deposit by bank transfer, it can take several days, as the banks require a certain processing time. Thus, customers who want to trade directly after the deposit should opt for a different method.
However, in order for the account to be considered fully open, verification must be carried out to ensure that the identity information provided at the time of registration is correct. For this purpose, the customer sends a mail with a picture of the identity card as well as a proof of address to the customer service of Tickmill. Only when the account is verified, one can withdrawal money/credit.

Questions and answers about the broker Tickmill

Does Tickmill offer a demo account?
Many traders value a free demo account because it allows them to test the broker’s services without any risk or obligation. After all, no one likes to open a live account and pay money if he does not know what to expect. With Tickmill this is not necessary, because with the demo account the customers can test all services extensively with play money. The trading takes place at the real prices and all functions of the Tickmill trading platform are available.

But the Tickmill demo account also has other advantages: It is also ideal for implementing the learning content from the broker’s educational offer without investing real money. This way, users can check whether they have fully understood the knowledge transferred and can apply it profitably. Professionals also often use demo accounts, for example to configure their trading software or to develop new strategies and optimize existing ones. Also for these purposes, the demo account of Tickmill is well suited, because the useful life is not limited in time, so that the trade in play money can be used again and again next to the live account.
The opening of the demo account takes less than a minute, because only a few details are required before the customer can start directly with the play money trading. Even if the play money should be lost when using the demo account, this is not a problem, because the demo account of Tickmill can always be recharged for free.

How many currency pairs can be traded through Tickmill?
Traders, who would like to trade more currency pairs, which do not belong to the so-called “Majors,” will find this broker interesting as Tickmill now offers 62 pairs that traders can speculate on. Thus, the selection is larger than most other providers and it can be found in addition to all the most frequently traded currency pairs and many pairs that can be described as exotic. Thus, the forex trading offer of Tickmill give all traders enough opportunities to optimally implement the preferred trading strategy. In combination with the trading platform MetaTrader 4, which can be used free of charge by all customers at Tickmill, forex trading is possible under professional conditions.

Is the broker Tickmill safe?
Foreign exchange trading always involves a certain risk of loss, which is not the fault of the broker; it happens because of the speculative nature of the investment product. Professional traders try to reduce this risk as far as possible by means of well-thought-out and consistent risk management.

The actual trade is very safe at Tickmill, as it is a reputable broker that is fully regulated by the UK FCA. This is considered one of the strictest regulatory bodies in the world, which sets strict requirements for its brokers. For example, the whereabouts of customer funds must be fully documented. These must be managed on separate accounts and must not be mixed with the assets of the broker. Thus, a payoff to the customers can be made if the broker itself finds itself in financial difficulties. The deposit protection of £50,000 per customer provides additional security.

Data transmission at Tickmill is also subject to strict security precautions. All data is transmitted exclusively with secure SSL encryption and thus protected against access by unauthorized persons.

The customer service can be contacted via different ways
What are the contact options at Tickmill?
Tickmill’s customer service is among the best in the industry and is also available in different languages on all channels. The contact can be made via live chat, telephone, or e-mail. In addition, it is also possible to request a free recall of an employee at the desired time.
Language specific customer service is available Monday through Friday from 7:00 to 20:00. For urgent problems, live chat in English is available around the clock. Traders do not have to pause long with the trade in questions and problems, as these can usually be resolved quickly. The staff are always friendly!

Does Tickmill offer a bonus?
Fewer and fewer online brokers are offering their customers a bonus, partly due to the changes made by the regulator CySec. Thankfully, Tickmill is not affected by this and can continue to offer its customers additional free credit.

Is Tickmill a legitimate forex broker?
Tickmill is under the supervision of the British FCA and is therefore bound by strict conditions. As a result of the financial crisis, the structures of the global regulatory authorities have been improved once again and today meet the highest security standards, so that trading via a reputable regulated broker can now be considered very secure. Therefore, it is highly unlikely that fraud will occur at Tickmill or the broker will be inaccurate because that would quickly attract attention to the competent authority and it would intervene accordingly.

Although there are always individual users in various trader forums, who assume that Tickmill is a rip-off, this allegation exists on internet but against almost every broker has such complaints. In most cases, these are newcomers who have misjudged the risk of speculative trading in Forex or CFDs and have not taken appropriate mitigation measures. The variable spreads are also frequently criticized, but as an STP broker, precisely because of the variable spreads, Tickmill is in a position to always be able to offer its customers best prices.

PRO Arguments
Regulation in the UK
Maximum leverage of 1:500
Free demo account
STP Broker
Small minimum deposit of $25

CON Arguments
Non-English speaking customer service is available for only limited time

Tickmill Conclusion: One of the best brokers for both beginners and advanced traders
In the past year, Tickmill has undergone a considerable development and is now one of the most sought-after brokers in the industry. Also for 2018 further innovations are announced. The broker convinces by a high security, because as an STP broker there is no danger of price manipulation, which is often feared by market makers. Also, the regulation is flawless, because the competent authority FCA enjoys a good reputation and is considered to be particularly strict.
In addition to its own online platform, MetaTrader 4 provides the world’s most widely used software and the conditions are absolutely convincing. All three offered trading accounts impress with low fees and best conditions. With a minimum deposit of only $25 and a minimum trading volume of 0.01 lots, the broker offers the best conditions not only for the professionals but also for beginners with little capital.

There are 62 tradable forex pairs, not just the majors. The free demo account and extensive education offerings allow beginners to learn trading in Forex and CFD easily and without risk before investing real money. For the professionals, the VIP account offers even more favorable trading conditions. Thus, all dealers are in good hands with this broker, whether they are newcomers or professional traders.