(Last Updated On: 23/01/2018)

Thanks to networking over the internet, text documents can today be sent around the world in a matter of seconds. This has made typing one of the most popular and sought-after types of jobs at home.
If you have a perfect spelling and a fluent writing style, you can earn good money as a copywriter at home. But even those who are not necessarily born as an author, can earn something with different typing jobs. How to make money online with typing work? We have explained below:

Data collection at home work
In this work, no creative writing is demanded, but above all diligence and perseverance. Large collections of data must be manually entered into computer for digitization. This can be extensive print products, for example, address collections that are transferred to an Excel spreadsheet or old analogue data sets of companies that are sleeping in the archives. Even libraries often have to transfer their old manual files to digital archives.

In many cases, this data collection also includes checking the validity of the existing data and researching new data in order to update the stock. Most of these activities are paid on a per page basis and should bring about 2.8 to 3.5 dollars per page. However, in the case of time-consuming research, it pays to negotiate a fair hourly wage instead. However, employers may only get paid on an hourly basis if the work is done in the workplace, where it has some control over the work being done; he can then make sure that the worker is not counting working hours while actually cooking lunch for the children 🙂

Jobs for data collection can be found online at various job markets including Guru and eBay, where eBay dealers sometimes look for someone who digitizes entire product catalogs to offer their products online.

Type medical texts | Digitize transcripts
Another possibility is the inclusion in an agency that specializes in typing work. Although, the earning potential is somewhat lower here, the agency takes over the acquisition of orders. In most cases, this involves the digitization of existing data, but sometimes also the transcription of printed matter. Old books, specialized texts, and scientific writings have to be typed by hand to make them available to new generations as online data and eBooks.

Also phonograms are often translated in writing, for example the recordings of large conferences and panel discussions. These types of paperwork are awarded almost exclusively through agencies and paid accordingly better. There is an advantage for people who can write Steno or “dictation” and are therefore ideal for housewives or retirees who have worked as secretaries for years or have done some similar work.

Produce unique content
In copywriting jobs, producing content usually means creating unique content for websites and blogs. The internet consists of millions of pages, all of which wants to be filled with content. Many website owners, especially retailers who want to sell a product, are looking for clerk services to fill their pages with content. This can be hundreds of product descriptions, but also the preparation of news, tips on specific topics, or background reports with careful research.

Simple texts, for example, which were commissioned by SEO agencies for pure link building, are usually poorly paid with less than one cent per word. Here, often ten different articles are required on very similar keywords. In such jobs, it depends only on varied formulations to create “unique content.” High-quality journalistic texts with well-researched information, on the other hand, are paid at 5 cents per word or even more. If you have specialist knowledge in certain areas and you can formulate it very clearly, precisely, and correctly, you can achieve a very good side income or even main income here.

Where can I find job openings for writing articles at home?
Simple writing jobs can be easily found on internet, for example via general job portals such as Monster.com and UpWork.com, as well as through specialized sites. However, it is also worthwhile scouring the local daily newspaper or regional portals on internet, as many companies still prefer to hire people from their own city or region. Even if a large part of the work is done from home, this facilitates easier personal meetings in between, picking up documents or phonograms for digitization and, of course, the job interview.

In simple writing jobs from home, the job is often completed and sent by e-mail, but only when there is some trust already built between and employee and the employer. Trust is a key factor in many jobs. For example, in digitization of company files or the transcription of sound recordings, the client is usually required to send important documents, which can contain sensitive information about the company.