(Last Updated On: 05/04/2017)

Upholsterer Job Description

Salary: $23,700 – $37,600 Number of Jobs: 52,670
Hourly Rate: $11.37 – $18.10 Employment Outlook: Normal
Green Job: No Education: Long-term on-the-job training

What do Upholsterers do?

Upholsterers add coverings and cushions to new and old furniture. Though some upholsterers specialize in creating new furniture or repairing old furniture, most work with both.

Since many upholsterers do custom repair and design work for clients, it’s important that they remain up to date with current trends and fabrics.

Listening to the needs of a client and helping them choose the right fabric is an important part of this job.

Balancing the client’s style with the functionality they require can be tricky at times, and requires a knowledgeable upholsterer. For instance, some people want fashionable material that won’t be harmed by their pets.

Work Environment and Schedule

Most upholsterers work in furniture manufacturing, automotive repair, and households goods repair. Don’t limit your job search to these industries, though. There are many positions in other industries as well.

About one third of upholsters are self-employed, and many work out of their homes.

Since upholsterers work with sharp tools and frequently lift heavy furniture, injuries are more common than in most other occupations.

Most upholsterers work full time, but part time opportunities are also available.

How to Become an Upholsterer

Most upholsterers are trained on the job. Some learn their trade through apprenticeships, but they can be very difficult to find in this occupation.

If you want to be an upholsterer, training in drafting, woodworking, or textiles can give you a leg up on the competition.

A high school diploma is required for some positions, but there are rarely any additional formal education requirements for jobs in this occupation.

Employment Outlook

There are currently 52,670 upholsterers in the United States, with 690 new upholsterer job openings created each year.

Upholsterer jobs are not expected to see much growth beyond their current levels in the next decade.

Upholsterer Salaries

Overall Salaries

Upholsterer salaries can vary depending on your experience, the location, company, industry, and benefits provided. Nationwide, most upholsterers make between $23,700 – $37,600 per year, or $11.37 – $18.10 per hour.