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In recent years, a lot has been done in the area of housing design. Gone are the days of white and dreary walls, as more and more households are decorated with cheerful colors and wall decals. With the right knowledge and the appropriate material, you can easily create and sell such murals from your home.

Creative home work without borders
Wall decals are very popular in all sizes, colors, and shapes. From the beautiful butterfly over flowers to the great slogan with motif, there are no limits to the wall embellishments. These big tattoos are suitable for beautifying children’s rooms, decorate the wall in the living room, and even freshen up the bedroom with a great slogan or motif. Therefore, the possibilities of designing are almost limitless, which speaks for a lot of variety and a good income.

The project can be started with a small working space where all the necessary materials, the printers, and also the accessories are located. Of course, craftsmanship, creativity, and the desire for painting or drawing are also important; if a good secondary income is to be achieved with the design and design of wall decals.

Required working material and equipment
In order to make wall decals, you need a foil that sticks well to the walls but can also be detached as well. With a special plotter film, wall decals can be produced especially well. It is suitable for logos and writings, is available in various widths it is also available as a meter for extra-large wall decorations. You should get them in all colors, so that not only your own work but also customer orders can be fulfilled in special/all colors.

To print the slides, a CAD printer can be used along with a special CAD software. Knife, cutting boards, and other cutting accessories are suitable for cutting the wall decals so that they are as flexible as possible when working. You’ll also need pen, template, stencils, and a projector, where you can enlarge and project the designs onto the wall.

Create and sell wall decals
The best way to sell the finished wall decals is through the internet. Even if there are already a large number of providers, you should not abandon the idea of creating your own website. Create a suitable homepage, choose a simple but appealing design and offer your service to all internet users. Design the page clearly, make a simple menu that directs the reader exactly where he or she wants to go, and show your pre-designed wall motifs.

Make it clear that you can also design and manufacture wall decorations on special requests. But do not give a price; make it clear to the visitor that he or she will receive a quotation from you after he has given you his work-request.
Also create a legal disclosure about your work; like which templates or designs are free to be used and distributed on the internet and which aren’t.

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