(Last Updated On: 07/01/2018)

Newspapers and news agencies face the challenge of acquiring new images and video material every day to captivate their readers/viewers. The more exciting the stories and the material, the better – and whoever has the most exciting story or the material first usually wins. Make money with photos and videos, but how to do that? Pictures and videos make it possible, and we explain how you can do it.

Email and phone number
Since the year 2001, newspaper companies had started receiving material via email. Each news agency has a dedicated email and phone line that photojournalists can use to send their photos/videos in no time; they can talk about their material on the phone. If your material is then published by a news agency, you get money for it. This is an easy way for making quick and easy money, but of course, one can avail this opportunity if he or she has the right material for the job.

A side job in between
Because the only tool that you need is your mobile phone, you can capture small news stories wherever you have your mobile phone, and make this material available as an image or video to the world via news channels.

What is the benefit of images/videos for the news agencies?
Of course, news agencies have a lot of full-time reporters on the job, who provide good stories and material around the clock. However, these reporters cannot be everywhere all the time. Often, the best stories happen where you don’t expect them – just out of the blue.
In order to make a video or a picture as quickly as possible, smart phones are the best tool one can have. They have made it possible for anyone to capture news worthy events quickly and then send this story directly to news channels via uncomplicated and simple process. So not only does the image author get something out of it, but it also provides a story for online readers. Such material is paid with a handsome sum.

Good material can be risky stunts [wins or fails,] fun mishaps, stars in everyday life that you encounter on the street, etc. all these events can become a worth online story.
Many news websites even have a separate section dedicated for showing interesting and worthy pictures.

What or how much can you earn as a photojournalist?
The amount can vary. Of course, this depends on the material you provide and also how you handle selling it to news companies; some bargaining skills can come in handy here…
Also, is the story good? What is the quality of the material?
A photo can sell for as high as 600 dollars and in some cases, it can sell for even more. A video can sell up to $1,500.

I spoke with a representative of a major news website and they told me that since they launched their image campaign, more than 200,000 photos have already been received; out of this, around 7,000 has been printed and their authors were rewarded with a total of 4.5 million dollars.

The basic requirement to make money with photos/pictures or videos is that you should be the one who took the pictures; that is, you are the author of the material. This is mainly due to legal reasons, because only the photographer himself owns the copyrights for the recorded photo or video.

Photojournalism is a very good way to earn money by an easy, comfy and interesting way. However, one should not wait for the next big fail, win, or some other coincidence. If you get into a situation where you have the opportunity to shoot a photo or video for an interesting story, you can do it and hope that the material will be accepted by the news agencies. However, you should always keep the moral aspects in mind. For example, you should provide first aid in the event of an accident, it is of course an undoing if you suddenly shoot a photo. But common sense should already draw the appropriate limits.

So, in the future, be prepared to use your mobile phone to capture interested events – you might be delivering the picture for the next big headline on CNN!