(Last Updated On: 26/01/2018)

Make money typing text
Taking up typing/writing work is a popular online activity, especially because this give you the opportunity to do an online job at home; this is one reason why this attracts many job seekers. But as with all other professions, starting this adventure of online typing is often doomed to failure right from the start if one does not know the basics and lack experience.

Copywriting Job possibilities at a glance:
Writing for text portals
Write editorial texts
Subject-specific writing
Texts for search engine optimization

What options are there as a copywriter?
To succeed as a copywriter, there is a lot that needs to be considered. Prerequisites for success in writing are above all the mastery of English grammar, spelling, and punctuation. It is not always necessary to have a journalistic education or any kind of specific degree. If the other requirements are met, you have several options to earn money with writing jobs.

Writing for text portals
Text portals offer copywriters the opportunity of an entry into the industry. For each portal, a test article has to be written, which determines the quality of writing. Depending on the quality, each writer is put in a category from beginner to professional; a certain cent per word is paid to each writer. The amount you can earn from these portals is approximately 1 to 10 cents per word; there is always the possibility to upgrade to a higher paid group.

Advantage and Disadvantage
With such a portal, the acquisition time is eliminated. Copywriters choose from the pool of jobs they want to work on and can write unlimited amounts. Not every topic is covered, and sometimes only article topics are available that are not easily known to the copywriter.

Freelance for editorial content
An alternative to the content portals offers, is the free participation in editors or departments for corporate communication, PR, social media, etc. This usually requires complete application documents (or at least samples and references from previous clients.) Compensation is very different in this area. It depends on regional conditions, the size of the company, and the experience, but also the negotiation skills of the individual is often decisive in the final price. Payment is made either by hourly or daily rate, also compensation models per sign, word, line, or article are conceivable and usual.

The advantage of a freelance work in an editorial office is the flexibility of the assignments with conversions that can possibly be planned at the same time (keyword project work*.) Disadvantage is that beginners and often also newcomers to the copywriting industry cannot apply for such projects.
* The employee works as an independent contractor but has a project contract for a certain period of time.

Writer for medical or subject-specific content
There are areas where copywriters need to have a certain amount of topic based knowledge to create articles. In particular, the medical and legal field is often sought specifically for copywriters who have completed training in the industry. This also applies to many providers for the transcription of subject-specific sound recordings.

Copywriters who come from the medical or legal fields have a very good chance of acquiring such assignments. Of course, this also applies to every other department. Copywriters who have no specialized training will find it difficult to get such a job.

Writing Search Engine Optimized content
These articles, which focuses only on the better findability of the website in the search engines, were until recently still very much in demand. The idea was to include a particular search term, which is most frequently entered by search engine users like Google, Bing, and yahoo, into articles as often as possible. This suggested to the search engine that this text would help the searcher best and the web page was displayed very high in the search results. But the search engines have responded and their algorithms changed so much that only the web pages are displayed as a result of the search that offer the reader real added value.

The internet is full of companies looking for a writer with SEO knowledge. Since no special skills are required for the writing of search engine-optimized text, there is correspondingly high competition, whereby the price is usually kept to a minimum.

Writing is usually done at home or even in the office. This offers numerous advantages, such as the flexibility of time or autonomous decision on the place of work. The disadvantage is, seen in particular at the beginning, the uncertainty regarding revenue and insurance. In the long term, self-motivation and the risk of distraction can be seen as a big disadvantage.

The copywriters usually receive an invoice or a credit from the portal. Copywriters who work as freelance editors or for individual clients, will often have to create their own bills. In some cases, including the following information is mandatory.

Full name & address
Name and address of the client
Accounting period
Invoice date and invoice number
Billing details
Bank details

*For further information or help specific to your situation, please contact your tax adviser.