March 22, 2021

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Acupuncturist Job Description, Salary, and Education

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Acupuncturist Job Description

Acupuncturists use needles and electrical currents to treat a variety of symptoms and disorders. Some acupuncturists also provide massage and preventative treatments.

Responsibilities for acupuncturist jobs include:

  • Following all safety, quality, and infection control procedures and guidelines.
  • Maintaining detailed health records and evaluating treatment outcomes.
  • Identifying the correct treatment point locations on a patient’s body.
  • Ensuring that all laws and regulations are followed as they pertain to providing healthcare.

Work Environment and Schedule

The majority of acupuncturists are self-employed, meaning that the work environment is whatever they make of it. Most acupuncturists work in an office that they either lease or own. Acupuncturists normally keep regular business hours, and rarely work on holidays or weekends.

How to Become an Acupuncturist

The required licensing requirements vary from state to state. Most states require a degree from an accredited acupuncture college followed by a Board Certification from the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. California is the only exception: they have established their own Board Certification. If you are planning to practice acupuncture in California, it would be wise to read up on their requirements for legal practice.

Required Skills

Since most acupuncturists run their own business, there are many skills required beyond the practice itself. Marketing, bookkeeping, managing an office, and maintaining positive relationships with clients are all crucial elements of being successful at this occupation.

Employment Outlook

There are currently acupuncturists in the United States, with new acupuncturist job openings created each year.

Acupuncturist jobs are not expected to see much growth beyond their current levels in the next decade.

Acupuncturist Salaries

Overall Salaries

Acupuncturist salaries can vary depending on your experience, the location, company, industry, and benefits provided. Nationwide, most acupuncturists make between per year, or per hour.

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