September 24, 2021

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Banc De Binary, bbinary, is 100% SCAM binary options broker

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Banc De Binary is one of the biggest scams in binary options industry. They cheat, lie, and steal; it is a completely fraud company. BDB is one of the oldest binary brokers and surprisingly, they have been cheating since the very beginning. I myself am one of their victims. They usually avoid stealing money directly from customers; instead, they use different techniques to fool customers into losing all their money.

Here is a short version of my story. I decided to join Banc De Binary because there were so many websites giving this broker a positive review; it turns out they were only doing that to earn commissions by sending referrals to this scam company. Anyway, the more important reason why I joined BDB is that it offered a certain asset in 60 seconds binary options trading [only few brokers had this asset available.]

I was developing a new binary trading strategy. To use this strategy, I needed to join a broker that offered one particular asset in 60 seconds trading. The other broker I was using had this asset but they were blocking it for trading a lot, so I thought I should find another broker that offers it without any limitations.

I invested $250 with Banc De Binary and increased it to $3200 in 10 days. I traded for only 3 days, for the rest of the time [7-days,] I only watched and waited for the asset to show a certain type of correlation. To test if this company pays profits or not, I requested a withdrawal of $250. Some a**h*le from Banc De Binary replied to my withdraw request saying that I have violated their terms and conditions. He said I cancelled too many trades. He was right, I did cancel a lot of consecutive trades and somewhere in BDB’s T&Cs, they have stated that traders cannot cancel more than two consecutive trades. If a trader cancels two trades, then he must not cancel the third one. Below is a small screenshot of bancdebinary’s Terms of Use:

It says they have the right to cancel trades, but in my case, they terminated my account and ate all the profit I made. I am guilty; I didn’t read all the sh** in their T&Cs page, but here are few things you should note. From the very beginning, a personal manager [who in reality is as***le doing marketing] from Banc De Binary kept contacting me. There are few things he repeated said; for instance, Invest More Money, Become a VIP member, receive unbelievable trade signals, etc. He also watched my account and was always praising how good a trader I am. He looked at my account history in detail every day and he used to tell me that if I deposit more money, I could make much more profits. Now, if I was violating any rules, then why didn’t this personal manager warn me or just point-out to me that I am doing something wrong? If he really cared about my account and wanted me to succeed [LOL] then why didn’t he stop me from breaking the stupid rule? Here is what he said when he heard about my withdrawal:

A legitimate company has a system that warns or stop traders from doing something that the company deems inappropriate. But Banc De Binary is not a legit company; they use different techniques to scam traders. They want us to do something wrong which they can use as a reason to not pay us our profits.

Enough about my story, how about we look at what other people are saying? Let’s start with Wikipedia. Check the following image(s), they contain information provided on Wikipedia’s page about Banc De Binary:

Another website that exclusively provides information about Forex/Binary-Options brokers is ForexPeaceArmy. You can trust their ratings system. Here is what they are saying about Banc De Binary:

If you are not convinced that Banc De Binary is a scam, then search for its reviews on ForexPeaceArmy website. You are going to find numerous complaints from traders. In some cases, this company directly stole money from innocent people!

Banc De Binary has an army of scammers who are working for them from different countries. They all share the same goal i.e. to scam innocent people by any means possible. When they scam someone, Banc De Binary makes a lot of money and a certain percentage of it goes to the scammer who fooled or robbed the customer.
The thief running Banc De Binary, aka CEO, is also a big liar. For years, he claimed that his company’s main office is in USA, which is a big lie. I can go on and give you more reasons why you shouldn’t join this company, but I don’t think that will do any good because this company is a scam 100% and you can easily prove that by searching for stories [on the internet] of victims who Banc De Binary scammed. Also, you must read the WIKIPEDIA page about Banc De Binary; read all the content. I am listing few pages below; check all of them.

Better safe than sorry!

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