February 7, 2021


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Bellhop Job Description, Salary, and Education

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Bellhop Job Description

Bellhops work in hotels, where they help guests with their luggage and lead them to their rooms. They also commonly help guests when they are leaving the hotel.

Like most employees in the hospitality industry, the primary responsibility for bellhops is to ensure the happiness of their guests. They often answer guests’ questions about the surrounding area, and may recommend tourist attractions, travel routes, or restaurants when asked.

In some hotels, bellhops are also responsible for checking on rooms before check in time. They check that the telephones, televisions, and ventilation systems are working correctly, and ensure that the regular housekeeping has been completed before guests check in.

Because they interact so much with a hotel’s guests, bellboys should have good communication and customer service skills. Though it isn’t normally required, previous experience in a customer service position can provide valuable experience that can be used on the job.

Bellhops spend their entire shifts working on their feet, and transporting luggage can be physically demanding. Muscle strains and other minor injuries are common. Remaining in good physical shape can help reduce the risk of injury on the job.

Since hotels never close, bellboys are often required to work on nights, weekends, and holidays. The schedule can be demanding, so you should consider the impact it will have on your personal life before you apply for a position in this field. Bellboys are trained on the job. Though it isn’t always required, many employers do prefer candidates who have a high school diploma.

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Employment Outlook

There are currently 50,470 bellhops in the United States, with 1,950 new bellhop job openings created each year.

Bellhop Salaries

Overall Salaries

Bellhop salaries can vary depending on your experience, the location, company, industry, and benefits provided. Nationwide, most bellhops make between $17,600 – $26,400 per year, or $8.45 – $12.70 per hour.

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