March 21, 2021

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Get a Free Blog or Buy Custom Domain & Hosting?

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Building your own website to make income is a good idea, but an average Joe needs to learn several things before he can actually make money in this business.

1. Purchasing domain name and hosting
2. Uploading files to your server
3. Installing a CMS [content management system]
4. Learning the basics of PHP [programming language] and MySQL
5. Installing different kinds of plugins
6. Choosing the right theme and then making the necessary changes in it

Listed above are some of the basic information that you need to have if you are building your own website. It is a bit of a hassle for newbies but there is a solution. You can avoid all the trouble by using a free blogging service. They allow users to create a website/blog free of cost. You don’t need to learn any programming stuff. With just few mouse clicks, your blog will be online. You can change the design easily as the interface is very user friendly.

Disadvantages of using free blogging service

Using a free blog service does have some disadvantages. For instance:

1. You will not have a lot of freedom. You cannot install a CMS of your own choice. Most services do not allow you to upload custom plugins or themes in your website. They usually have a pre-installed setup. To change the appearance of your website, you have limited options. Few of them do allow you to install a theme or plugin of your choice, but the CMS remains the same.
2. Cpanel and Database access is not given.
3. Hundreds of well-known online blog services ran out of business. You will spend lot of time in building content for your blog. Then if your service provider decides to close the business, then all your hard work and dedication will go in vain. Your site will go offline and you [most probably] will not be able to move it to another URL/Web address.
4. Free blog services provide a Subdomain or Sub-Folder, both of which have a less user-friendly URL structure. A custom domain name looks good and is easy to remember.

Example of free blog URL:
Example of a custom domain name:

Custom domain name and hosting are good but getting them isn’t free

There are many advantages of choosing a custom domain name and your own hosting account but these items cost money. If you are serious about starting an online business and your goal is to make a good income from it, then you should be ok to invest some money. However, if you do not want to spend any cash, then you can get a free blog at any of the following blogging-services:

1. Blogger

It’s one of the oldest blog-publishing services. Launched in 1999, Google now owns it. Users can create a new blog instantly using this service.

You can choose different themes for the blog. You can also customize the design in many different ways. This service is available in 40+ different languages. Adding/editing posts is easy. It is currently the best free online blog-publishing service available.

URL is in the following format:

YourName.blogspot . com

2. GoogleSites

This Google owned service allows users to create mini-sites. URL Format looks like this: . com/site/YourName/

3. WordPress

WordPress dot com is a host to millions of blogs. Signup and get a blog for free in few minutes. These blogs are powered by WordPress, one of world’s most used CMS.

4. Blog

5. Weebly

6. Xanga

7. Squarespace

8. Sosblogs

9. Typepad

10. Blogdrive

11. Webgarden

12. Blogsome

13. Opendiary

14. Tblog

15. Simplesite

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