September 24, 2021

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CaptchaClub is 100% SCAM & FAKE – Don’t waste time & money!

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It is heart breaking to see how a stupid and devilish website like CaptchaClub is scamming innocent people who are searching for a way to make money online. If you have joined this website or if you are planning to join it, then, please, first read this article. Listen what I have to say and then decide if you still want to join CaptchaClub [dot] com.

You can identify a scam site by doing little online research; in case of CaptchaClub, you can tell just by looking at the website that it is 100% scam. Nevertheless, I am going to explain in detail why you cannot trust websites like these.

The Way Back Machine

Let’s start by looking at CaptchaClub’s history. There is an online tool called WayBackMachine that we can use to see what a website looked like in the past. For instance, below image is showing Google Homepage as it was in 2002:

Now, let’s check CaptchaClub’s history using aforementioned tool. Below is a screenshot of what CaptchaClub homepage contained in 2012 [you can see CaptchaClub’s past yourself by using WayBackMachine – open this tool and enter the web-address – then select a date]:

As you can see from the above image, CaptchaClub was pirating movies. It was hosting pirated copies of several movies that anyone could download. While I was researching on CaptchaClub, I got a feeling that someone living in Pakistan or India is running this fraud, and I am now quite sure that this scammer is in fact from Pakistan. CaptchaClub in 2012 was a host to pirated movies and on the homepage, the owner included his Mobile Phone number. Check the following screenshot:

You can see a contact number at the end. It starts with +92, which is the [telephone] country code for Pakistan. So, do you really think CaptchaClub is a real company that someone from a third-world country, Pakistan, is successfully running? [Someone who once hosted pirated movies on his website!]

Contact Information

There are many legitimate online companies, where you can do online jobs to make money online; one of these companies is GURU. It is an international brand and it is registered in USA. When you are checking a site or company for authenticity, look at their “About Us” and “Contact Us” pages. You should be able to see their office address and contact phone numbers. Also, it tells you where the company is operating from.

You can use Google Maps to verify the addresses. CaptchaClub is pretending to be a company; it gives you work to do and in return, [the site claims that] you earn real money. NEVER work for an unregistered company. Actually, forget about CaptchaClub not being a registered company because you cannot even find a single person’s name or any office addresses on CaptchaClub website. Following is a screenshot of CaptchaClub’s “About Us” page:

As you can see, you cannot find any addresses or names. Who is running this so called Company? From where is it operating? Where is it registered? On “About Us” page, you find the same Content + Video that is shown on the homepage; the lazy scammer running CaptchaClub didn’t bother to add any unique content on this page. He just copy-pasted content from the homepage.

As we are talking about this scammer being lazy, let’s take a look at the FAQs section. Look at the following image:

Can you read the content shown in above image? Off course you can’t; this is because this is not real content.

It is called Dummy-Text and here is the reason why website-designers and programmers may use it.

You can build a website in many different ways; the most common of which is to use a CMS [content-management-system] like WordPress. There are thousands of WordPress themes that you can use to build your website. These themes contain this dummy-text; this text is put in themes so that the website builder can see how his website will look using the theme. Later, website builders replace this dummy-text with real, useful, and relevant content/information.

The information I have shared with you so far should be enough to prove that CaptchaClub is nothing but fraud; however, I am going to show you even more evidence to prove that CaptchaClub is 100% scam site.

There is a promotional video on homepage of CaptchaClub; the man you see in it, do you think he is the owner?

No, he is not. The owner of CaptchaClub paid someone $5 to make this stupid video. You can hire people to make such videos for $5 at websites like Fiverr.

There are some brand Logos on CaptchaClub homepage. Here is screenshot of them:

These logos have no value or meaning. I can put as many brand logos on my website, as I want. Watch me do it now:

CaptchaClub doesn’t have any contact information, but there is one other method we can use to check who owns this website. You can use “WHOIS” search to find information about the owner of any domain/website. Website owners can choose to hide their personal information for privacy reasons or they can select to make it public. You can use a tool like DomainTools to find information about domain/site owner. WHOIS information for CaptchaClub is shown in below image:

Unfortunately, people can put FAKE information in their domain/site registration. This is the case here; the registration information you see for CaptchaClub is 100% fake. The US address does not seem accurate. The scammer most probably mixed two different addresses to try and make one unique address. I looked up this address in Google Earth; the address is of a “Coastal Dental Care” center. A small building as shown in image below:

So, do you really think CaptchaClub is a company running from this dental clinic?

How did you find CaptchaClub dot com?

You most probably landed on this site from Google. It currently has good ranking in Google, but why does Google trust this website?

CaptchaClub is using a black-hat technique to improve its ranking in Google. It is using HIDDEN-CONTENT to fool Google. First, see what Google has to say about websites that use this deceptive technique:

Behind every webpage that you browse, is a bunch of coding. You don’t see it; you only see content, colors, and such stuff. If you view the Source-Code of CaptchaClub’s Homepage, you will find some hidden-text. See the image below:

CaptchaClub is currently ranking well in Google because of this hidden-text. Let’s hope Google detects this hidden-content soon and removes CaptchaClub from its search-results.

Now let’s talk about the so called Captcha Entering Jobs. Do you know what captcha is? When you are opening an account with Gmail, Facebook, and other services, you have to enter few characters shown in an image into a small box; this is called captcha protection. See the following image:

Why do companies use Captcha?

Companies use it to protect their websites from spam attacks. Spammers use a software to automatically make hundreds of thousands of accounts, which they sell in online black markets [there was a time when captcha-protection was not available.] Spammers can this software to automatically fill all boxes in a registration form, but it cannot read what is written in the captcha image. Only humans can bypass captcha protection.

Spammers are now using a different software, one that fills the registration form and then asks the user to solve captcha. This software keeps on making new accounts as long as someone is helping it bypass captcha protection. This is a very tedious job; so spammers came up with the idea to fool innocent people in doing this dirty work and to also scam them!

If you join CaptchaClub, they will ask you to download a software. When you run it, it will show you an image with some numbers or letters, and you will need to type them into a small box. Each time you do this, you earn some money. The amount of money you earn per captcha vary. Usually, you make $1 after doing this work for four or so straight hours. Your fingers get numb and your mind bored to death if you do this work for more than few minutes.

Some people are able to endure this miserable work. They work every day for several hours; their goal is to somehow make $100, this is the sum you need to request a withdrawal. Do you know what happens when you ask them to pay you? They tell you to first pay them $40. They can make some lame excuse like, “We need you to pay $40 so that we can activate your account,” “To Verify your account,” or “To verify your identity.”

This is one of the oldest techniques scammers are using. Imagine yourself in a situation where you have wasted several weeks to make $100 and now to get this money, you first need to send CaptchaClub $40. So, you basically made $60 as they ask you to send them $40. But wait, if you do send them $40, will they give you your money, $100?

NO, they are not giving any money to anyone. In fact, they stop responding to your emails once you send them $40. The scammer running CaptchaClub fools people into doing this illegal and boring work and then he steals $40 from them. He is running a perfect scam business!

You can find many complaints about CaptchaClub. I am showing you some of them in below images:

Think about it, why can’t they, CaptchaClub, deduct $40 from your account and send you the remaining $60? Why don’t they tell you about this $40 deduction when you are registering an account?

For identity verification, you submit documents not money and no one should go through any kind of verification process with a scam website like CaptchaClub. And the account activation fee is a JOKE!

One other advertising technique scammers use is the so-called payment proofs. This is another scam technique scammers use to lure victims. Below is one of the “Payment Proof” images that are shown in the promotional video:

These payment proof screenshots mean nothing. Scammers can send few dollars to their friends or family member’s account and then show that as payment proof. They can also Photoshop images to make different kinds of payment proof images. For instance, it took me few minutes to Photoshop the payment proof image that I showed you above. The Payment-Note says that CaptchaClub sent this payment. I replaced that with Now it says that sent this payment 🙂

Images of payment proof cannot prove the authenticity of any website or company.

All the payment proof images I found on CaptchaClub website and Facebook page are showing payments made using Payza [a payment processor like PayPal.] Can you guess why there are no payment proof images of PayPal? It is because PayPal is currently [as of 08-SEP-2016] not available in Pakistan and as I have mentioned before, the owner of CaptchaClub is most likely living in Pakistan.

Even if there is a PayPal payment proof image, it means nothing. The scammer who is running CaptchaClub can hire a Freelancer to make a PayPal payment proof image or he can simply Photoshop one himself.

Legitimate companies, who offer online jobs, do not demand any fee. You invest time and do online jobs, and in return, you earn real money. You can withdraw funds without paying anything from your pocket.

It is very easy to see that CaptchaClub is a scam. You do not have to waste your time searching for these kinds of sites. You can find online jobs at Guru and other freelance websites for free!

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