September 18, 2021

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Career Myths You Need to Stop Believing

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The Economy Sucks, So There’s No Use in Job Searching

We all know it’s a challenging economic climate out there. But believe it or not, some roles continue to go unfilled.

Finding quality candidates is a recruiter’s dream, and more often than not it’s an uphill battle for them to fill roles. Hiring managers may receive hundreds of resumes for a single position, yes, but many of those resumes may not fit the bill.

You have a better chance than you think, especially if you fit the criteria. Don’t automatically assume you don’t have a shot at it. Take the time to read job descriptions, craft your resume and cover letter to target the position and go for it. It takes time, yes, but the investment WILL pay off in the end.

It’s All About the Resume

I’ve written about this before. Yes, you want to have a strong resume. Yes, you want to tailor it for the role you’re applying for. But if you’re spending all of your job search time working on this piece of paper, you are spinning your wheels and investing too much time in the wrong area.

I’d say spending 20 percent of your time on this is the right amount. The other 80 percent of your time should be spent meeting people, strengthening your skills, volunteering in the industry and talking to as many people as you can about your job search.

A successful job search strategy is SOCIAL. It’s not spent sitting behind your computer applying for online job after online job. I’ve seen resumes skate by recruiters and go straight into the hiring manager’s hands due to a strong referral. I will even admit to granting an interview to a candidate who submitted a resume WITH A TYPO simply because it arrived with a strong personal recommendation.

Networking will get your resume past the gatekeepers and on to the desk of the right person. Spend your time on making connections, not on the document.

It’s the Holidays, No One is Hiring

This is one of the oldest myths in the book. If you’ve been out of work for a while and stop looking around the holidays – think again. End of calendar year is when a lot of HR budgets come up for review, and many positions can be advertised in the window between December and January.

Most people are too busy shopping or hosting family to worry about their job search, so your competition will automatically be cut in half. Take advantage of this “slow time” to get noticed.

I’m Too Old To Make a Change

Career longevity is a thing of the past. Most people have an average of 7-10 careers throughout their lifetime now, and it is no longer a “black mark” on your resume to have a collection of experiences. Don’t let your age hold you back from wanting to make a change.

I’ve known many successful entrepreneurs who’ve decided later in their career to strike out on their own. This is the time you can put your experience to use. Just be strategic in your planning – start while you are still employed and get a feel for your new industry before making the leap.

Grad School Will Make Me More Marketable

Grad school can seem like an easy escape if you’re unsure of a direction to pursue. But before you apply, be sure you’re truly interested in the field and have a realistic understanding of what’s required to be successful in the industry.

Will you be racking up thousands of dollars in debt only to come out with entry level salary opportunities of $25,000? You will be competing with others who have “real world” experience, often preferable to employers.

Do your research to ensure you are armed with all the information you need. Talk to people in the field and see what is really valued, and you’ll be better prepared with a more realistic perspective.

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